Your Second Life avatar LIVE on TV (RL)?! + streams!

Extra hours of De Hoeksteen Live! during the IBC: Dedicated to experiments live on Amsterdam 1 television with the famous massive multi virtual world SECOND LIFE (SL). (Check Wikipedia about SL)

Anouncement 7-9-10 sept 2007

If you would like to show your avatar or building, sim, or events or whatever, and to be live and interactive on Amsterdam Public Access television A1, we can come to film at your favorite SL-location with our virtual live-tv-crew!

Please contact SL resident Hoeksteen Leven if you have special thing to show. And please join the SL group: Amsterdam TV. Also if you are interested to follow these media experiments you are very welcome!

SL > Tv > SL Live Droste effect

Every programme, we start to gather at our SLR (Second Living Room) location in Second Enschede. >SLURL<. There you can watch our TV channel also inworld SL!

Second Living Room, Second Enschede

Then we TelePort around SL. To places we dont even know as yet.

You can show the TV channel also on your own SL-moviescreens: Livestream SL-land-URL: (about 1000 kbps H.264 / Mpeg4)


Second Life Live broadcast times on Amsterdam 1 (A1) + livestreams:

Friday september 7, 2007

23:00 – 02:15 CET (= SL 2 pm – 5.15 pm PDT)

Saturday september 8, 2007

02:15 – 10:00 CET (= SL 5.15 pm – 1 am PDT) Relay of SLCN.TV

Sunday september 9

19.00 – 20.00 CET (= SL 10 am – 11 am PDT)

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA:00:00-01:00 on Amsterdam 2 ! (A2) (= SL 3 pm – 4 pm PDT)

And concurrent also on A1:

00.30 – 01.00 CET (= SL 3.30 pm – 4 pm PDT)

Live from DFM RTV Camp at Burning Life!

Monday september 10

19:00 – 20:00 CET (= SL 10 am -11 am PDT)

00:00 – 01:00 CET (= SL 3 pm – 4 pm PDT)

This interactive television experiment is in cooperation with:
SALTO Omroep Amsterdam, De Balie Media, DFM RTV INT, Ceryx , Second Enschede,, Planetart, Gogbot Festival Enschede, Burning Life, and Live.Nu / K.E.T.S.



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