De Hoeksteen Broadway Live!

No regular De Hoeksteen Live! show this weekend from De Balie, because of some logistical issues.

Instead we bring you Halloween theatre shows from Broadway Live in Second Life! May we have your attention please: are we making real history here?!

Sunday october 28th 21:00 – 01:00 CET  ( = 1 pm – 5 pm PDT /  time)

On Amsterdam 2 (A2) and offcourse as well on all of our live streams

Act Up Halloween Theatre

Act Up Theatre presents… A Halloween Spooktacular
A live theatrical performance of 3 one act comedies.

Toixic Avenger Theatre , Broadway Live South (124, 161, 34)

The Toxic Avenger Theatre


Ashran Ferraris
Allie Tomsen
Bianca Arkin
Blaze Petrov
Elyse Flanagan
Evangelina Manhattan
Lauren Weyland
Marin Mielziner
Paggles Whitman
Thorsson Revnik
Upo Choche
CallieDel Boa

This theatre is sponsored by: Broadway Live and TCM Entertainment.

This experimental interactive live programme is in cooperation with: Salto Omroep Amsterdam , De Balie Media,, Live.Nu / K.E.T.S., Second Enschede and DFM RTV INT




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4 responses to “De Hoeksteen Broadway Live!

  1. My man Lauren is in this?!?! Omg, I’m SO there.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. Did they enjoy it? OMG…..this is so kewl. (I know I didn’t look to good as HG Wells)

    I am adding your link to my blog

  3. Pingback: De Hoeksteen Video-On-Request 2007.10 « De Hoeksteen Live! Blog

  4. It was a great new experience!

    Be sure to check out the video recordings from Amsterdam television. They only stay online till november 27th!

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