Video-On-Request 2007.11

Salto television online archive, available till 4 weeks after broadcast:

2007.11.24 – De Hoeksteen Live! From De Balie on Amsterdam 2: (dutch and english spoken)

Video 22:00-23:00


This was an extra and totally improvised extra hour, because the regular programm at this timeslot was cancelled at the last minute.

Video 23:00-00:00


Video 00:00-01:00


Video 01:00-02:00


Please click on the links to play in web embedded Windows Mediaplayer OR copy/paste and play the .asf stream URL in Winamp or RealPlayer or another player wich can cope with this video format.



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2 responses to “Video-On-Request 2007.11

  1. Allie Tomsen

    I attended the live performance of Eh Oh, and was blown away by the genius of using echo–how perfect for this subject! Since then, I have looked everywhere for a video of this performance (I promised a RL friend—a director—I’d send a copy.) I can’t find it anywhere. Please tell me if there is a video available. And congratulations to everyone involved with this stunning performance!

  2. Hi Allie, thank you very much for your compliments! I am sorry, there is no video available online yet.

    Saturday dec. 15th 2007 the show will be performed again and then we hope to have a video made wich will be available online later.

    More details will be at De Hoeksteen Live spinoff project http://Meta.Live.Nu

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