MPEGIF Master Class IBC 2009

MPEGIF Master Class at IBC 2009
The Future of Digital Television
Room L, RAI Convention Center Monday 14 September
1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
As with past years during IBC, the MPEG Industry Forum, the largest advocacy group for MPEG technologies in the world, is presenting a full day session bringing together industry experts representingthe most influential players in next generation video entertainment, multimedia and standards-based video delivery.

This latest edition of the MPEGIF Master Class, produced in cooperation with the University of St Petersburg (Russia), brings together senior executives and experts in digital television with a track record of pioneering new advanced technology, innovative service offerings with new business models. They will share their experiences, both good and bad, and expertise with a focus on technological progress and challenges, regulatory and commercial issues, and opportunities in the overall ecosystem of Digital Television. Highlights will include insights into the following:

– How digital media standards will evolve to guarantee best-of-breed solutions
– The success factors for hybrid services bringing broadcast and unicast content together in a common platform
– How the multi-screen service will evolve as content is re-purposed and transformed for viewing on a wide variety of end user devices
– How the increase in unicast personalized video leads to a myriad of business opportunities
– Aspects of next generation digital broadcast from mobile to online video to HD and above as well as the challenges seen around the world regarding the transition to digital TV.

  • The Evolution of New Business Models for Existing Service Operators
  • Is this an Opportunity for New Service Providers to Emerge?
  • Jeff McSchooler – VP of Engineering, EchoStar Broadcasting Corporation
  • Kevin Baughan – Director of Technical Strategy, Virgin Media
  • Dieter Engel – Senior Vice President, Product Development Media Services, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Casey Harwood – Senior VP, Turner Europe, Turner Broadcasting
  • Bob Luff – EVP & Chief Engineering Officer, Nielsen
  • Stuart Collingwood – VP EMEA, Sling Media
  • Matthew Huntington – VP of Product Marketing, Open TV
  • Manuel Gutierrez – CEO & President TDVision Systems
  • Ross Biggam – Director General, Association of Commercial Television in Europe
  • Robin Wilson – VP for Business Development, NagraVision
  • Mark Krivosheev – Chief Scientist, State Radio Research & Development Institute (NIIR) Moscow
  • Kaliu Kukk – Deputy General Director, Join-Stock Company “Telecom”, Moscow
  • Alexander Umbitaliev – Director, Television Research Institute, St. Petersburg
  • Professor Konstantin Glassman – Head of Video Systems Department at St. Petersburg State  University of Film and Television
Chaired By:
  • Sebastian Moeritz, President MPEGIF / CEO dicas
  • David Price, Vice President MPEGIF / Vice President Harmonic

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