Tripleplay Services IP411 ibc09


TripleTV: Innovative

IPTV Solution

TripleTV head-end delivers high quality broadcast MPEG-2 content over an IP network to a TV via an IP Set Top Box(STB) or PC/MAC. A wide range of digital television and radio channels can be provided from a single server. The TripleTV system supports the acquisition of encrypted and free-to-air digital channels and analogue feeds. Each IPTV server will manage a number of individual interfaces which can support any input feed combination. These interfaces include:

  • DVB-T for digital terrestrial signals (Free to Air or Encrypted);
  • DVB-S for digital satellite signals (Free to Air or Encrypted);
  • DVB-S HD for High Definition digital satellite signals;
  • ASI for digital encrypted satellite signals;
  • Analogue interface through composite video or s-video.

The modular design of the TripleTV system means additional servers can be added at any time to increase the number of channels available.

Digital signals are acquired as RF MPEG-2 programme streams based on customers channel line-up. The TripleTV system removes the RF layer, replaces it with IP, assigns a multicast address and distributes it over the IP network as an individual multicast stream. Channel changing is controlled via requests made to the network elements from the STB or PC client.

Administrators can access the TripleTV web based management system from any point in their network through a secure log on process. The management system provides the following capabilities:

  • Ability to determine which channels will be distributed over the network and on which multicast address;
  • Monitor any errors in channel acquisition;
  • Monitor system performance of the head-end;
  • Individual management and configuration of each interface;
  • Remote login capability for tier 2 and tier 3 support.

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