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ARCH is a Belgian manufacturer of LED screens (LED = light-emitting diode). These modular screens of strong luminosity are proposed in all sizes and definitions. Our technology is based on the latest innovations and on electronic components of the highest quality, guaranteeing a long lifetime, an irreproachable visual quality and a low energy consumption.

ARCH is very well aware of the problems facing the various branches of activity. We strive to bring technical and logistical solutions, ensuring a great ease during installation, transport and utilisation of our various products

Branches of activity

ADVERTISING: manufacturing of LED advertising panels, giant screens, media facades, street furnitures equipped with screens, advertising signs; the whole managed in network in real time and able to provide statistics of diffusion.

ENTERTAINMENT : manufacturing of LED panels for the TV studios, giant screens for concerts, backstage screens, semi-transparent creative screens, strip LED. Lightweight, easy to install and to use, our screens have an answer for all your requirements.

SPORT: manufacturing of LED panels for the perimeters of sport grounds, scoring displays, indoor or outdoor panels; any solution is possible. Our intuitive software allows the management of the various applications.

COMMUNICATION: manufacturing of LED panels intended for the public places: highways, roads, airports, train stations, shopping mall, cultural center, etc.


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