Sapec MPEG Solutions ibc 2009

SIVAC 2000 is a modular equipment designed and manufactured by SAPEC that can accommodate inside a single 2 RU chassis up to four separate MPEG-2 MP@ML y 422P@ML encoders and/ordecoders, for the delivery of analog (PAL/NTSC) and/or SDI (625/525) video via DVB, IP and PDH…

SAPEC is a technological company founded in 1976 for the design, manufacturing and supply of Telecom equipment to the Spanish National PTO, Telefonica, to deliver piped music service over the telephone line.
At the end of 90’s, SAPEC made a significant investment on R&D to design and manufacture new competitive products for the professional segment, focusing on audio and video encoding. SAPEC’s vision was to deliver high quality products offering a prompt and efficient support to its customers along the product life cycle.
SAPEC designs, then, MPEG encoding and decoding systems for the professional market, obtaining a full range of products for audio and video compression in seamless evolution with its legacy activity with its customers.
A number of Telcos and Broadcasters now benefit from SAPEC’s products and near support in Spain, South America and more recently in other European and Asian countries.
SAPEC offers its customers a full range of audio and video compression products directly designed and manufactured with its own technology, together with an efficient implementation and post-sales support. Because of the quality of the design and the technology, SAPEC’s products are now a worldwide reference in MPEG.

IBC 2009 Stand 1.f21


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