See a live demo of Tlestream ‘s Pipeline at IBC09 and THINK how much more you could do

3½ reasons we THINK you should come see a live demo of Pipeline, our innovative video capture device, at IBC:
1) THINK speed: Transcode while capturing broadcast feeds for fast web distribution

Technicolor combines Pipeline with FlipFactory transcoding to provide VOD access to live TV content within 10 minutes of airing for Dutch National Broadcasters.

“By working with Telestream and Vivesta, we have been able to deliver this live content to VOD in record time, which demonstrates our strategy to deliver video content in any format in a fast and efficient way.”

– Chuck Parker,
President at Technicolor Digital Content Delivery

Pipeline video capture device
2) THINK efficiency: Edit live camera feeds as they are being captured

The challenge for Category 5 Entertainment was to capture, digitize & edit multi-cam events on a very tight deadline.

“Without a direct-to-disk multi-cam ingest while editing system like Pipeline, I would not have had the time to create my programs and make our quick-turnaround deadlines, period.”

– Mitch Jacobson, owner and executive producer at Category-5 Entertainment
3) THINK cost-effective: Digitize your tape archives quickly and efficiently

Weigel Broadcasting Co. picked Pipeline to cost-effectively digitize and archive 28,000 classic TV tapes

“We looked at other digitization products that ran into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no other product out there that can match Pipeline Quad’s price point for high-quality, cost-effective mass digitization of video.”

– Kyle Walker, Director of Engineering/Operations
And the half reason (we said half reason, because it’s really more of a testament to Pipeline’s popularity, but we wanted to include it anyway):

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