ToolsOnAir ready for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Gilbert Leb VP Sales

ToolsOnAir Broadcast Engineering announces its broadcast products fully support Apple MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Taking advantage of some of the new technologies found in Snow Leopard,
the company’s Just:In Quicktime and MXF ingest solution uses Grand
Central to optimize the use of multiple cores available on modern
computer processors, this enables Just:In to encode video in
faster-than-real time with a wide range of compression codecs.

ToolsOnAir products deliver a full suite of broadcast solutions with
automation, video serving and real time graphics running on standard
Mac hardware and using standard video cards from AJA Video and
BlackMagic Design.
ToolsOnAir play out solutions are able to run one video layer and up to
4 graphics layers on a single Apple Mac Pro or Xserve in real time
(even at High Definition) and their products are ideally positioned to
take advantage of OpenCL in Snow Leopard in the near future to further
accelerate real time graphics and effects.

The announcement of the launch of Snow Leopard on August 28 allows
ToolsOnAir to show their products running on Mac OS X 10.6 at
IBC09″It’s very important for a newly established company to be ahead in technology to allow our customers to achieve maximum performance and stability for their business”, comments Gilbert Leb, VP Sales of ToolsOnAir.
IBC09 ToolsOnAir booth 7.J47 also introducing itsrevolutionary new Just:Live solution for any newsroom or live event using video play out and real time graphics simultaneously.

ToolsOnAir  Vienna built a comprehensive suite of video ingest and playout solutions that interface with Applecore technologies such as QuickTime and Quartz.


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