EBH presents brand new software tool for OB vans and TV studios for audio automation ibc09

Live shows need a powerful audio playout solution for playbacks, jingles etc. All these elements can now be handled by ROSI OB. Use multiple players for audio play out. Easy to handle and with interesting prices

Hall 8 C10 at EBH Radio Software  http://nbnews.de

Software is especially developed for TV broadcasters:

Prepare audio elements in a play list or

Play them in that second when needed in game shows, lottery show etc.

Dedicated keyboard for fast and easy operation

ROSI OB has a “big sister” version more suitable for studio or gallery applications. ROSI TV has all of this fundamental functionality but adds many sophisticated features as well:

Advanced meta data tracking composer, performer, catalog # etc.

Audit reports for rights and licencing submissions. Audits controlled by GPIO so that only audio played on air for more than a percentage of its duration is logged. No logs if the fader is closed!

Advanced backtiming: Create multiple sets of audio and set a back time position – the final item in the set is protected and will play in its entirety.

Four sets of Quick Buttons (or hot keys) can be open at any one time

Two Set Players can be open at any one time with two audio devices available per player

Set Players have single play and continuous modes

In built linear recorder which can also be started and stopped via GPI

Large scale networks can be built using MySQL database backend

Automated audio ingest

Automated playlist log file ingest

Unlimited user logins with variable permission settings

Serial machine control

GPIO controls

IP controls for network content control

Command Cuts: in built Macro language system for timed events and automated processes


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