De Hoeksteen Live! Special Edition 2009.12.12/13

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Artistic investigations on the Future of Mass Media

Saturday december 12th 2009

23:00 – 03:00 CET

[ = 10 pm – 2 am UTC (or GMT/Zulu) = SL 2 pm6 pm PST]

Interactive cross-media art tv show for SALTO Media Playgrounds

Real time interactive live from The Netherlands Media Art Instititute (NIMK), Amsterdam.

* SALTO 1 TV (A1 Amsterdam cable UHF 39 + UPC Digital 715),

* Live stream webcasting online,

* Public virtual video screen at Pakhuis De Zwijger, Virtual Holland sim in Second Life. (free entrance)

Video-On-Request available immediately after every broadcast hour, for 1 month only!


Program schedule in CET: (times and content are subject to change!)

* 23:00-00:15 Interviews by Els van der Plas / Heiner Holtappels with Marnix de Nijs, Edwin van der Heide, Simon Velez. + Group Marriage Debate / Francisco Camacho

* 00:15-00:15 AOM live performance: Composition 1. With avatar audience at Virtual Holland, SL

* 00:25-00:55 Interviews by David Garcia with Eric Kluitenberg, Rudolf Buurma, Raul Marroquin

* 00:55-01:05 AOM live performance: Composition 2. With avatar audience at Virtual Holland, SL

* 01:05-01:20 Interviews by David Garcia with Rosa Menkman / Goto 80

* 01:20-01:35 Glitch visuals: Rosa Menkman / Goto80

* 01:35-01:45 Ze Moo live performance “The Future of  Mass Social Media” from Ameland, SL.

* 01:45-02:00 Interviews by David Garcia with with artist Constant Dullaart + Liz Lush (Writing Director of the Humanities Core Caurse at the University of California via Skype)

* 02:15-02:35 Constant Dullaart live performance and exhibition tour with Qik.

* 02:35-02:55 Second Front live performance “15 Minutes of Fame” at Pakhuis De Zwijger in Virtual Holland, SL


More info about Second Life interaction: http://MASS.LIVE.NU


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