Mobile Broadband Service Mark one of the Issues Barcelona’s 2010 Mobile World Congress

Whether you are an operator, device manufacturer or technology provider, using the Mobile Broadband Service Mark ensures your customer has the clarity, recognition and industry assurance they need when making a Mobile Broadband purchase.

By becoming a Mobile Broadband service mark Licensee you can offer your users assurance that the devices they buy will always connect – wherever Mobile Broadband is available – and that they can expect a high standard of simplicity, mobility and ease of use.

Research carried out by the GSMA and Microsoft demonstrated that there is a significant un-tapped market for Mobile Broadband devices on the one hand and that consumers are confused about what and how to buy on the other.

To address this demand, a cross-industry group of the worlds’ best known mobile and IT companies came together to create the Mobile Broadband service mark.

By using the Mobile Broadband service mark you can support your users’ Mobile Broadband buying decision in a confusing market by providing clarity, industry quality assurance and recognition.

Instead of having to de-code multiple Mobile Broadband messages users only need to relate to one logo.

Industry Quality Assurance
The Mobile Broadband service mark signifies that the device has met industry standards for Mobile Broadband devices.

Users don’t have to understand a new logo every time there is a new Mobile Broadband technology as the Mobile Broadband service mark will always track the technology evolution.

It was created by a top global design agency, Landor and researched worldwide (US, Europe & Asia markets) with home and business users.

Launched in Autumn 2008, it is now being rolled out across devices and marketing materials globally.


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