Multi talents for IPTV headend systems Encoding, transcoding, decoding and IRD/DVB/IP functionality

Specially developed for professional distribution-contribution in IPTV headends, the new DCH product range offers a variety of functions:

–        IPTV transmission and broadcasting of H.264 HD, with 1080i, 720p support

–        HD/SD encoder, can also alternatively be used as a transcoder

–        IRD decoder, with maximum number of different signal outputs HDMI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, analogue

–        DVB/IP gateway option for DVB-S/S2/C/T with CI slot

All DCH models are developed for 24/7 permanent operation and can be easily adjusted using the front panel display. All models in the DCH range can additionally be remote controlled using software which allows additional monitoring.

The devices are also suitable for SD operation in digital headends. The output streams are based entirely on open MPEG2 and H.264/AVC standards, are ISO/IEC compliant and are therefore also compatible with favourable standard IPTV set top boxes, like for example the Amino 130 range.

The encoder/decoder units have been introduced at the ISE in Amsterdam, and will be showcased at ANGACable May 4-6 on the Teracue stand G54 in Cologne.

Attached are all related datasheets providing details of the exact functions of each component. In specific these are:

–       Encoder/Transcoder DCH-500EC

–       SD-TV Processor DCH-400P-Series

–       HD-TV Processor DCH-500P-Series

About Teracue Teracue was established in 1991 and currently employs 15 personnel. Development and the marketing of professional Broadcast and IPTV systems through an international network of specialised dealers represent the main business activities of the firm today. Clients include public and private broadcasting companies, corporations, banks, universities, clinics, medical and training facilities, fire services and police centres, aerospace companies, military and other federal organisations. Further information is available at


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  1. Hassan Javeez

    what is the price of IPTV system

    Thank You

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