Television’s hybrid future Check out our original research on 19 May 2010

Check out our original research on 19 May 2010

Author and broadcaster Will Hutton delivers an insightful keynote on the future of television.

Andrew Neil delivers his annual lecture on UK broadcasting and the future of the industry.

Kevin Townsend gives a US perspective, discussing the success of branded programming.

(from Broadcas& Beyond)

Broadcast and Beyond 2010 is the premier one-day event for anyone interested in the rapidly changing market for television content and how it will be funded in the future. Experts from the worlds of TV and advertising will detail how changing technologies are altering how TV content is consumed and paid for. The event takes place at Vinopolis in London, and in the evening there is a networking party at the V&A, sponsored by Astra GB.

When: 19 May 2010

Vinopolis, London

Hybrid TV, in the form of HbbTV, launched in Germany just before Christmas. The technology adds internet functionality to the conventional TV viewing experience, expanding current services, such as catch-up and enhanced teletext, and adding completely new services, such as games and social networking.
But how will viewers respond to this, and which services are likely to offer the best sources of additional revenue?
At Broadcast & Beyond 2010, we shall not only present the latest news on the German experience, but leading neuroscientist Dr David Lewis will also present the results of his original cutting-edge research into how audiences respond to these enhanced facilities. The research, commissioned especially for Broadcast & Beyond by Astra, will look at applications as yet only in development, including advertising sponsored links within TV shows. Join us on 19 May to hear about this new opportunity.

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