Mobile Innovation @ Barcelona’s 2010 Mobile World Congress

Turning ideas into reality is what innovation is all about – even better when these innovations will shape the mobile industry. That’s why the GSMA created Mobile Innovation.

Bringing together the mobile industry’s top innovators, investors, operators and key suppliers from all over the world, the Market is designed to identify the industry’s top priorities for new products and services, elevate the best-in-class innovations that are building them, and facilitate dialogue with potential interested customers or investors.

Innovation has a New Home!

At GSMA, we’re known for hosting the “go-to” events for mobile innovators, operators, and investors. Now we’re doing the same thing online…so we’ll deliver the same mix of communication and innovation nonstop,every day.

Introducing our new community website – Mobile Innovation Exchange. Think of it as a central hub for the global mobile ecosystem. We’ve built in virtual networking and matchmaking, plus searchable company and funding databases, discussion boards, awards, trend reports, and more.


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