De Hoeksteen Live! 2010.05.29/30 DUTCH & COLOMBIAN ELECTIONS SPECIAL!

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Every last saturdaynight of the month: No-Definition TeleVision

LIVE 23:00 – 03:00 CEST

= 10 pm – 1 am UTC (or GMT/Zulu) = SL 2 pm – 6 pm PST

Real-time interactive cross-media talkshow with the usual suspects and surprise guests from the worlds of politics, arts, business, media and more! Talks in English, Dutch, and sometimes Spanish or other languages.

This edition: POLITICS POLITICS POLITICS! Because of the Colombian Presidential Elections may 31st and the Netherlands Parlamentairy Elections june 9th! Don’t worry, we have a portion of fine arts as well…

And surprise guests!

Live from The Netherlands Media Art Instititute (NIMk), Amsterdam.

  • AMSTERDAM TVSALTO 1 (A1) -Amsterdam cable: Analog UHF 39+ / UPC Digital 970)
  • LIVE STREAMS webcasting online
  • * VIDEO-ON-REQUEST immediately after every broadcast hour,for 4 weeks only!


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3 responses to “De Hoeksteen Live! 2010.05.29/30 DUTCH & COLOMBIAN ELECTIONS SPECIAL!

  1. audio doet ‘t niet 😦

  2. We hadden inderdaad geluidstechische problemen aan het begin van het programma. Dit vanwege het onverwacht erg uitgelopen gebeuren in de studio voor ons, waardoor het vrijwel onmogelijk was alles op tijd getest en werkend te hebben. Hopelijk gebeurd dat niet weer.

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