Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona

Mobile Media Congress 2011 Barcelona

MWC Barcelona February 14 -17 50000+ participants 1300 exhibitors.

KeyNote speakers Eric Schmidt, chairman/CEO of Google; Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer; Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square; Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter; and Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo.

Collocation of Apple’s Macworld Mobile event, App Planet program with more than 10,000 developers, application-specific exhibitors, programs for mobile developers, events from companies RIM, Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft. Tablet differentiation as a leading category of mobile devices at MWC, the venue where manufacturers attempt to differentiate their products. Android Version 3.0 known as Honeycomb, will be the dominant platform at the show.

New products with regard to 3-D displays and cloud services.

Companies to unveil new devices: Samsung and HTC, the latter possibly announcing Windows Phone 7-based phones. More news with regard to LTE networks and devices, Nokia’s recent announcement of a partnership with Microsoft  big news at the show



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