New Conax content security platform


New Conax Contego content security platform launched at IBC 2010

Taking content security to the next level

Conax ContegoTM is the next generation content pro- tection system from Conax, succeeding the previous systems Conax CAS3, Conax CAS5 and Conax CAS7.

Conax ContegoTM features a revolutionary high level of security that enables maximum protection for your valuable content. Conax ContegoTM is based on a completely new design and architecture – a fresh look and feel for a next generation platform to meet tomorrow’s demands today, yet including the key functionality proven in previous Conax content protection products.

Conax ContegoTM supports existing external interfaces in Conax CAS7 as well as a set of new Web Service interfaces. Conax ContegoTM is also backward compatible with Conax CAS5 and Conax CAS7 smart cards.

One size fits all

Conax ContegoTM scales horizontally, meaning capacity and performance can easily be increased by adding additional hardware. This enables opera- tors tobegin with a basic installation and expand as needed to fit changing requirements and business models.

The unique architecture also provides any degree of re- dundancy required. Conax ContegoTM can be set up with redundancy solutions off-the-shelf, or can be tailored according to your own requirements and preferences.

Easy access to new functionality

For one-stop-shopping, Conax ContegoTM supports all business models available to the market, such as Subscription, Pay Per View, Video On Demand and DRM Control. An all-in-one installation includes all Conax ContegoTM product options, allowing operators to pay only for the functionalities of their choice for a tailored solution. A licensing system enables functionality, which in turn simplifies installation, support and upgrades.

conax.comSecurity made easy to use

Conax ContegoTM has a user-friendly manage- ment system that is easy to understand, navigate and work with for configuration and management. The management system includes many important features like step-by-step wizards, diagnostics, reporting and extensive audit logging.

Conax ContegoTM – an easy-to-manage experience

Conax ContegoTM also includes a comprehensive monitoring system that monitors the state of the installation and the hardware platform, and provides detailed statistics that allow the operator to handle any issue before it becomes a problem.

One system – any operation

Conax ContegoTM is designed to support any distribution technology and a multitude of consumer devices. A single installation of Conax ContegoTM can support both broadcast and broadband operations with content delivery to consumer devices with or without smart cards.

Conax ContegoTM highlights

Conax ContegoTM is a highly flexible content protection solution that can be used for any type of operation providing pay-for-content services. Fully scalable, Conax ContegoTM supports all business models required by today’s demanding market. Main features include:

• Subscription • Pay per view • VOD and Push VOD • Catch-up TV / Start-over TV • Local and Network PVR • Advanced anti-piracy mechanisms • Pairing • Fingerprinting and Watermarking • Messaging • Broadcast and Broadband support • Smart card and cardless security options • Extensive language support • Backward compatible with Conax CAS5/CAS7 • Web Service interfaces • DVB, ISDB-T and OpenCableTM compliant • DRM Control • Secure Hybrid • CI Plus and CableCARDTM support • Multi-client support • Multi-room and home networking • 200+ supported STB vendors

Securing the future

The Conax ContegoTM content protection system is the natural choice for modern operators with a need to stay ahead of competitors; the key component to your success as a pay-for-content operator. A tool that is prepared for your demanding market now and into the future!



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