ViewCast the Niagara Systems

Professional high-end features

The Niagara Pro II is the next generation in professional-grade video streaming appliances. This appliance offers powerful processors and largest memory capacity, taking professional streaming to the next level. With its two independent channels, the Niagara Pro II allows you to capture SDI video and encode multiple full-resolution (D1) streams.

The Niagara Pro series is the preferred choice for broadcasters, studios, enterprise IT departments, content delivery networks (CDNs) and network service providers because it’s loaded with the high-end features that professionals demand.

A powerful package

The Niagara Pro II delivers powerful performance in a wide range of applications:

  • Capturing and encoding live video for streaming to the Internet and to mobile devices
  • Capturing live video for Video on Demand (VOD) applications
  • Re-purposing video for Internet and Intranet distribution

With the included SimulStream® software, you can create additional streams from the same sources in different formats – encoded independently and simultaneously. This powerful tool enables you to stream in multiple resolutions, formats and bit rates – all at the same time.


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