Satellite Communications Systems from Paradise Datacom

Supplier of satellite communications products and subsystems, Paradise Datacom provides satellite modem and RF products to a variety of satcom technology users located around the world.

Modems & Protection Switches

Evolution modems and switch

Quantum Series

With the advent of the PD155i Satellite Modem/IP Router, Paradise Datacom expands on its repertoir of paired-carrier ready modems. These units, in addition to the PD20, PD20L, PD60 and PD60L modems, allow all the standard features and options of the Evolution Series modems with the addition of the bandwidth savings of DVB-S2 and the ability to overlay the transmit and receive carriers utilizing Paired Carrier1 technology to reduce bandwidth by up to 50 percent.

Vision Series

Paradise Datacom’s 80Mbps Digital Video Broadcast Vision Series Modems are available in IF and L-Band versions. Featuring the best TCP/IP feature set in any DVB modem, these robust 1RU chassis include TCP Acceleration, HTTP Acceleration, Header Compression, Ethernet Bridge, QoS, VLAN Support, IP Diagnostics for all network topologies.

Evolution Series

The Paradise Datacom Evolution Series modem is offered in a 10 Mbps, 25Mbps and 55Mbps configuration, for both IF and L-Band operation. An Open Network/Closed Network Modem, it is fully compliant with IESS-308, 309, 310, 314, 315, offering a range of data interfaces including Ethernet, HSSI and serial LVDS, plus a range of modulation schemes including 16QAM. The Evolution Series Satellite Modem embodies a new concept in modem design. The core of the Modem is implemented with programmable logic, which allows easy reconfiguration to the needs of the user, and provides futureproof flexibility.

The Evolution Modem Redundancy Switch system offers a revolutionary approach to Modem Redundancy Protection by integrating the Backup Modem and 1:N Redundancy Controller into a single unit. The Backup Modem / Controller becomes a 3RU high 19 inch chassis, which incorporates the traffic and overhead interface connectors necessary to support the online Modem group. This low cost and compact 1:N scheme employs proven integrated 1:1 Redundancy technology pioneered by Paradise Datacom.

Simple, Flexible, Powerful

The Modem firmware and software for each modem series is easily upgraded through an Ethernet management port, plus an innovative new menu structure makes configuration a simple procedure. Advanced user interfaces support the display of text in different languages for universal appeal, and a unique Web User Interface offers full remote control and in-depth performance analysis tools using Internet Explorer without special Monitor & Control software.

The Web User Interface available via an embedded web server includes a Receive Spectrum Analyser, a Receive Constellation Monitor, a BER Tester and graphing of Eb/No, Rx Power, BER plus other parameters, using Internet Explorer.


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