Some of the Winners of Global Mobile Awards (Hoeksteen/CormerStone Prime Choices)

Government Leadership Award

Government of the Republic of Colombia

The Government Leadership Award 2012 was awarded to the Government of the Republic of Colombia for its role as a regional and global leader in managing what is now one of the world’s scarcest natural resources – spectrum. The exemplary vision and courage of its policy makers in devising and implementing its ICT strategy Vive Digital made the Colombian Government stand out as year’s Government Leadership Award winner.

Best Cloud Based Technology

Appcelerator – Titanium Integrated Development Platform

“Appcelerator’s Titanium Integrated Mobile Platform is an open-source JavaScript-based platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of cloud-connected mobile apps, while it minimizes the fragmentation risk from device and mobile OS proliferation. Titanium combines client-side functionality with 3rd party APIs and secure data stored in the cloud, unleashing the potential for highly rich, innovative apps that leverage native device capabilities, value-added services and cloud data. Asthe only mobile cloud platform to enable fully native, cross-platform mobile app, hybrid and HTML5 Web development from a single codebase, Titanium provides a simple, powerful way to get Web-scale, mobile-enabled apps up-and-running quickly.


“Quintessential cloud, write once, deploy many times drives speed and cost reductions.”

Best Technology Breakthrough

Vodafone Group PLC – Quad Rate Technology: an evolved path doubling the efficiency of mobile voice

Vodafone has pioneered “Quad Rate”, a technique which enhances existing GSM network capacity via a software upgrade thereby increasing service accessibility for our customers. As the title implies, Quad Rate includes up to four voice users into a single GSM radio timeslot – previously the maximum was just two – and benefits customers in all markets but in particular emerging markets where GSM networks remain prevalent and where voice traffic growth continues. In more developed markets, this innovation will be used to reduce the frequency spectrum required for GSM operation thereby releasing it for usage with other technologies e.g. UMTS, LTE, and permitting Mobile Broadband services over a wider area.


“An excellent achievement that extends GSM capacity and enables operators to maximise ther existing network investments.”

Best Mobile Tablet

Apple – Apple iPad 2

If the iPhone set the standard for smartphones to follow, the iPads 1 and 2 set the bar for tablets higher and higher still. The iPad2 boasts the sleekest design on the market at just 8mm thin and weighing in at 601g, but of course it’s about a lot more than just looks. With a host of new features and enhanced functionality, from the two cameras for Facetime and HD video recording, to the superfast dual-core A5 chip, a 10-hour battery life and iOS5, there are over 200 new software features in all, plus iCloud for synching content across all Apple devices. A shoe in for Best Mobile Tablet 2012? Stay tuned.


“A unanimous choice for a tablet that has defined the market and dominated sales.”

Best Feature Phone or Entry Level Phone

Nokia – Nokia C3-00

The Nokia C3 was designed to put better social networking tools in the hands of more people around the world, at affordable prices. The C3 features a QWERTY keyboard and access to social networks directly from the homescreen. The Nokia C3 also comes with Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat, meaning first time users can set up email and chat accounts straight from the device. Other notable features are Wi-Fi connectivity, a two megapixel camera, rich color 2.4 inch screen and support for up to an 8GB memory card. The C3 demonstrates Nokia’s dedication to enabling the next billion to connect to the internet.


“The numbers speak for themselves – a blockbusting chart topper with universal appeal.”

The judges would also like to recognise the companies who are working to solve the needs of the ageing global population. Devices that deliver accessibility above all else are becoming increasingly important.”

Best Smartphone

Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II has become the most popular Android smartphone in the UK since launching in May 2011. Its sleek design and superior multimedia capabilities have led it to become the most awarded smartphone in 2011.With its exceptionally bright Super AMOLED screen at 4.3”, colours come alive when watching movies and capturing pictures and video from its impressive 8-megapixel camera. The powerful 1.2GHz processor provides super-fast HPSA and Wi-Fi connectivity which has propelled the Galaxy S II forward as a multimedia powerhouse. The Galaxy S II’s communication hub provides access to social networks, information, music and gaming, setting a new benchmark for smartphones and consumers everywhere.


“A phenomenal success around the world, this has outperformed all its Android rivals and demonstrated the maturity of the ecosystem.”

Best Mobile Innovation for Publishing

Financial Times and Assanka – The Financial Times Web App

In June 2011 The Financial Times launched a new, faster and automatically updating HTML5 app available directly through the browser on an iPhone or iPad simply by visiting The FT is the first major news publisher to launch an app of this type, which allows readers to access its award-winning journalism easily and quickly, even when offline. This is an important step in the FT’s strategy of providing multi-channel access to content, offering customers flexibility and freedom of choice with access to global journalism anytime, anywhere, with a single login or subscription.


“Great content behind a brave and successful adoption of HTML5 has produced an impressive online and offline app that spans any mobile device or platform.”

Best Mobile Innovation for Education or Learning

OnPoint Digital – CellCast Solution

Built for enterprise-level mobile learning, OnPoint’s award-winning CellCast Solution enables organizations to create, deliver and track content deployed to smartphones and tablets. Learners use device-specific CellCast “Apps” to download any variety of content (HTML, Video, Audio, PPT, ePub, etc.) including tests/surveys. Completion detail and test results are fully tracked. Available Apps span all the popular device platforms found in the enterprise today: BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, Kindle and NOOK. Advanced features include messaging, search, social media, learning paths, user-generated content, gamification, localization, and security. With CellCast, you extend and enhance the learning environment for a highly mobile workforce.


“Judges quote: An attractive and comprehensive mobile learning solution that harnesses the potential of today’s major trends of cloud, apps, gamification and social media on all platforms.”

Best Use of Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations

UBL Omni – Transparent and Efficient Cash Disbursement Service After the 2009 IDPs Crisis and the 2010 Flood Crisis

UBL Omni’s Cash Disbursement Service is one of the largest Branchless Banking aid disbursement initiatives to date. UBL Omni provided the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), a poverty alleviation inititiave by the Government of Pakistan, and the World Food Programme (WFP) with a transparent and convenient cash disbursement mechanism for victims of the 2009 ‘War Against Terror’ IDPs Crisis and the 2010 Flood Crisis. Beneficiaries were issued unique cards and PINs which were used to withdraw funds from conveniently located UBL Omni retail shops, where agents logged into their mobile based applications to execute quick cash disbursements.


“There is growing interest in how to direct payment of aid to the needy and this scheme utilising mobile phones is a valuable initiative.”

mWomen Best Mobile Product or Service for Women in Emerging Markets

Etisalat, Qualcomm, D-Tree International and Great Connection Inc. – Etisalat Mobile Baby

“In 2011, the Etisalat Group launched a unique maternal health program which helps to provide critical healthcare to pregnant women in rural parts of Africa. This service, named ‘Mobile Baby’ was developed in partnership with Qualcomm, D-Tree International and Great Connection Inc. Mobile Baby will save countless lives whilst greatly enhancing the quality of living of millions of women across the continent. Etisalat already deployed its Maternal Health program in the Tanzania, Nigeria, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Based on experience with service introduction, Etisalat is now looking to rollout Mobile Baby program across all of its Operations throughout 2012.”


“Good initiative concerning maternal health. Nice convergence of a number of technologies in a critical area of need.”


Best Network Product or Solution for Serving Customers

Turkcell – Turkcell TiklaKonus

Turkcell TiklaKonus, brings the Telco voice capability into Internet and Software applications’ world. It enables peer-to-peer voice communication over GSM network managed by IT methodologies. most promising and differentiating feature of TiklaKonus is that, it enables applications to align with the anonymity need in the Internet world scenarios by hiding the numbers of both users participated in the call and displaying the service digit for both participants. TıklaKonus is now being used by more than 25 distinct Consumer, Mobile Marketing and Enterprise applications, summing up to more than 200 K distinct users, with a %600 annual growth rate


“Great example of out-of-the-box thinking, creating new revenue streams by exposing and reselling core capabilities.”


Best Enterprise Mobile Service

Fiberlink – MaaS360

MaaS360 by Fiberlink provides IT organizations with mobility intelligence and control over mobile devices, applications and content to enhance the mobile user experience and keep corporate data secure across smartphones, tablets, and laptops. MaaS360 helps companies reduce the costs of supporting their growing mobile workforce and simplifies IT infrastructure and operations management with a single portal to monitor the expanding suite of mobile devices and operating systems, including Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Built on a highly scalable, multi-tenant architecture, MaaS360 delivers instant-on access to powerful mobility management capabilities to any organization, by making it easy to use and affordable. For more information, please visit


“This demonstrates genuine understanding of enterprise user issues, and enables straightforward and cost-effective mobile device management.”


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