Call for submissions adressed from Arte Postal Express to participants of all editions of Muga Caula

Dear attendants,

In this 8th edition our motto is FLUXCHAMP!, Honoring the 50th anniversary of the creation of the group Fluxus (reference to every artist in action as well as every international festival), and the centennial of the first exhibition of Marcel Duchamp in Barcelona, where he showed his “Desnudo bajando una escalera” for the first time.

FLUXCHAMP! mixes Fluxus, the father of all action festivals, with Duchamp, the father of Fluxus, and the Muga Caula, born under the arm of Duchamp. We invite you to participate in this event (only to the participants of the various editions of The Muga Caula).
A catalog will explain every performance. Along with the reproduction of the work will appear
 the title, the author’s name and a contact address (postal, electronic or web).
The works will become part of the collection of the Muga Caula. There will be several public appearances at the Museum of Ampurdan de Figueras, in Arts Santa Monica in Barcelona and in the Off Limits Madrid. There is also a posibility to appear in the Fluxus Museum in Potsdam (Germany) and the Museum Vostell de Malpartida (Cáceres).
A copy of the catalog will be given to all participants as well as the libraries of all the centers where Muga Caula is present.

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