Caridad Botella ‘s Sunday Matinees Witzenhausen Gallery Amsterdam


sunday matinees ed. 06 @ witzenhausen gallery 2012.
a series of online&multimedia events hosted @ witzenhausen gallery amsterdam; curated by caridad botella
29 july from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m. (cet)

follow the event live on: (copy link and paste it on your browser)

follow us on: @ groups witzenhausen gallery ams/ny @witzenhauseng

participating (in order of appearance):

rod summers (1943) is a sound, visual, conceptual artist, photographer, performance poet, dramatist, mail artist and book artist, publisher, archivist, and lecturer on intermedia. born in dorset (u.k.), he is based in maastricht (nl).

raul marroquin (1948, bogota, co) lives in amsterdam, he is working with video since 1968, one of the pioneers of european video art. currently working with user technology, low-tech., online performace and livestreaming channels. he is the director of hoeksteen live television in amsterdam.

yolanda duarte is a venezuelan performance artist working and living in bogotá. her work is a reconstruction of diverse migrant cultures, those who preceded her and form her heritage. her work is a continuing tribute to the memory, the environment and the building of both.

alejandro ramirez, bogota (co). visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer with knowledge in cg (computer graphics). currently exploring and working with sensor technology, mobile devices, arduino and augmented reality.

emilio barriga (bogotá, 1977) is a visual artist interested in generating contents and reactions from still and moving images, sounds and original or imported ambiences. emilio grew influenced by the scope of arts to which he was exposed by his parents and grandparents in areas such as film, photography, literature, video, music, design and painting. in his teens he began to take photos and play in rock bands. this gives him the elements to decide studying social communication at the pontificia universidad javeriana of bogotá. there he begins his relationship with the production of video which blends the areas he is most passionate about: photography, music, narrative and aesthetics.

kai steamer, (bogota co)
visual artists and graphic designer, has been working on digital collage for several years, currently as a performance artist in second life, member of the contemporary art and performance simulator “odyssey”, also works with installations in both physical life and second life.

sunday matinees offers a multidisciplinary online platform for those -artist, writers, poets, journalists, filmmakers, etc- who would like to share their work through a livestream channel. the performances take place both at the gallery space or elsewhere in the world (mostly the latter). all the content is announced on social media platforms and is widely documented, forming an archive that comes together in blog with sunday matinees i want to make use of the world wide wed, user & low tech and live-streaming possibilities as a prolongation of the gallery space in order to bring together a varied number of projects from all over the world. the gallery space is important both physically and as online channel (especially witzenhausen gallery which has always been open to new forms of art and distribution). moreover, i want to communicate with an audience who is not physically at the gallery but who can spend a sunday afternoon with us, not only as onlooker but also as an active spectator who can communicate with us through the chat. this form of online programming and information sharing through the social media is the seed of future forms of television. with the term “matinee” i refer to the literal meaning of the term: a musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon.

witzenhausen gallery
hazenstraat 60
1016 sr amsterdam

for any additional information
please contact caridad botella at or



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