IFA Newsticker 3 September 2012

IFA International Keynote: Noel Lee on the fusion of entertainment, sport and fashion

LG with OLED and the largest 4K televisions
NewTV app offers sightseeing flights around 6,000 coastal hotels

Cuckoo wristwatch provides wireless contact to smartphone
Sennheiser gets sporty

United Navigation puts emphasis on innovations

Intenso with new tablets and a turbo hard drive

Developed for Nokia and which have active noise suppression and Bluetooth to provide the best possible enjoyment of music from a mobile phone.

Television sets are becoming intelligent, along with refrigerators and washing machines. Yesterday’s branchenforum@IFA at IFA t also the Smart Home , all the components of which are now available
Homes that are networked and can therefore be described as ‘smart’ now start with the television sets, which are acquiring growing internet capabilities and are capable of providing and distributing more programmes than ever before from a variety of sources. technology.

World debut for the Philips Homecooker from Jamie Oliver

Video robots and musical light bulbs from Hong Kong

Last year Germany was the largest European importer of electronic goods from Hong Kong, with a value of 4.44 billion US dollars, and is the sixth largest market in the world for these products. A total of 41 companies are represented this year at IFA 2012, 24 of them under the auspices of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council . A variety of products are on display, including the prototype of a miniature robot from iReach Technology , whose built-in video camera with zoom and night viewing capability can transmit images to the screen of the cordless remote control unit and store them on an SD card. Introduced two years ago, the “Singing Bulb” is now in regular production. It is being exhibited by Sensor Industries and consists of an LED lamp with a conventional E-27 screw fitting and built-in loudspeaker, which is supplied with a signal by a mini-transmitter connected to a smartphone or music player.
LG with OLED and the largest 4K televisions

The display by LG at this year’s IFA offers some fascinating technology. One of the main exhibits is the 55 inch OLED television, which is due to be launched onto the market this year at a cost of less than 10,000 euros. The technology is based on WOLED s, i.e. white OLEDs, generating brightness by using four identical, white, organic light diodes. The colour is produced by a filter known as the Colour Refiner.t passive 3D. It is also possible to screen two programmes simultan-eously.
NewTV app offers sightseeing flights around 6,000 coastal hotels
Sennheiser is exhibiting its new range of sports headphones at IFA 2012. These five models have been developed in collaboration with the sports goods manufacturer adidas and have been tested by professional athletes. The new sports models can be worn in the ear canal, in-ear, with an ear hook, with a neckband or with a headband. All of them have been designed to be highly resistant to water, perspiration and cold. Three of the five new models are also provided with a control unit and microphone built into the cable. After completing one’s training session the headphones can be simply rinsed under a tap.


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