Flexible Matrix Router with Realtime Video Thumbnails

Let’s take a look at operating the Avenue router from an iPad.

As you see on the screen, there are thumbnails for the sources and destinations. I can select a destination – which happens to be my program monitor – and I can select source 3  – which is the waveform monitor. Next I push Take and now that (source 3) is on the program monitor.  

I can also change what’s going to the preview monitor by selecting something that’s over here, like color bars and pushing Take. Now the color bars are going to that monitor.  

There’s a shortcut to selecting sources. If I put the iPad into Direct Mode, when I select a destination and a source, it will Take immediately. For example, select black as your source, and it goes there, select  preview and it goes there. So whatever destination is selected, it’s a very quick and direct way of getting there. That’s why the Direct button is lit.  

Let’s look at some of the controls now.  

Up in the left corner, if you click, you get to the Systems Settings. On the right is the layout and size of the icons. For example, if I want a bunch of small icons on the iPad and large icons on the destinations, I can select larger icons for the bottom. You get to customize exactly how the user interface looks.  

The last control on this iPad is the Gang button. When you select Gang you can select several destinations and one source that you want to go to all those destinations. Select them and hit Take.  

And if you really want to be slick, you can select Direct and Gang, and when those two are selected, and you select your destinations, the source you selected will automatically go to both of those destinations.





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