IoT, wearables to provide new app opportunity – App Annie

Tim Ferguson – Content Editor

Tim joined Mobile World Live in August 2011 and works across all channels, with a particular focus on apps. He came to the GSMA with five years of tech journalism experience, having started his career as a reporter with business tech publication in 2006. While at he covered software and web. Tim has a BA (Hons) in History from Durham University and an MA (distinction) in Specialist Journalism from Coventry University.


Wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) will provide new opportunities for developers to find success with apps, according to Marcos Sanchez, VP of global corporate communications for analytics firm App Annie (pictured).

Speaking to Mobile World Live, Sanchez said there will always be innovation around the capabilities of hardware that require apps, meaning there are opportunities for developers to move into new areas.

The executive distinguished between core apps, that people “use religiously” on a daily basis and play an important part in their life — such as email, social networking and music — and “revolving apps”, which they experiment with before deciding whether to delete them.

Although Sanchez said there will be a peak in terms of the number of apps people use, the rise of wearables and IoT will broaden the scope for new titles to break into the core group of apps and make an impact.

“I suspect the next big thing is in wearables and Internet of Things where the smartphone fulfills the promise of being a remote control of my life,” he said.

“Once you’ve gotten the app on the phone, then you need a compelling reason for people to use it. It’ll boil down to [developers’] ability to create utility.”

And the development the Internet of Things will present further use cases for apps, according to Sanchez. Examples will include smart fridges that alert owners when food needs to be replaced, tools to remotely control home security and heating, and connected cars.

Retail will be another area in which emerging wireless technology, such as beacons, will present developers with new opportunities.

“As [the use of beacon technology] becomes more prevalent, people will build apps to take advantage of that,” Sanchez noted.


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