Free webinar: Drive up channel density and drive down cost

Holly Ashford, 1 December 2014


Linsey Miller, director of marketing at Artesyn Embedded Technologies, and Rik Dunphy, senior software architect at Intel’s Data Center Group will present a free webinar on Wednesday on how to drive up channel density and drive down cost, using Intel technology. Free registration is open now, for the event on Wednesday 3 December, at 4pm (GMT).

Attendees of the webinar will be given the chance to learn about the seismic changes happening in the broadcast video network and what technologies will enable them to come out ahead; learn the advantages of a GPU-accelerated cloud for increased video processing performance; compare a typical host-based video processing approach to a GPU-accelerated approach using add-in cards on standard servers; and understand the scale of the CAPEX and OPEX benefits for OEMs and service providers.

Miller and Dunphy will explain how, through OpenStack and Artesyn’s SharpStreamer technology, applications can also be deployed virtually – taking advantage of cloud provisioning and management – so they are not constrained to bare metal hardware.

The webinar ties in with the white paper Virtual Video Transcoding in the Cloud, from Artesyn, Intel and Dell, which opens: “The increasing density and high-quality processing demands from video applications is pushing broadcast and communications networks to the limit. Adding more equipment to handle these video streams is not economically viable. What’s more, operators, service providers and content providers see the benefits of using standard servers in the cloud, and want to move away from special appliances or dedicated hardware. But standard servers currently are not optimized for video transcoding in the cloud.”

The event follows a number of successful webinars hosted by TVBEurope in which registered attendees can hear from experts in the broadcast, media and technology fields. Registration for Wednesday’s webinar, ‘How to drive up channel density and drive down cost using the Intel technology you already know’ is open now.

Registration is available here



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