TVBEruope, Free Webinar Wednesday 3 December 2014. 4pm GMT


How to drive up channel density and drive down cost using the Intel technology you already know

Video services such as multiscreen and on-demand at ever-higher resolutions means more videos formats need to be supported in broadcast and streaming networks, which is driving transcoding functions in MSO, ISP, CSP and CDN equipment.

At IBC2014, many of the broadcast and streaming products on show running on Intel technology weren’t fulfilling their maximum potential density or meeting the need for lower cost.

Advances in Intel technology and the availability of off-the-shelf add-in acceleration cards means that now is the time for those applications to multiply density (by a factor of 6-8X) without changing the underlying Intel architecture.

Using two example applications, next-day TV OTT content delivery and real-time broadcast ABR transcoding, this webinar will illustrate dramatic CapEx savings, as applications can use only one server versus up to 24 to handle equivalent densities, while driving down OpEx thanks to lower power and cooling requirements.

The presenters will also show how, through OpenStack and Artesyn’s SharpStreamer technology, applications can also be deployed virtually – taking advantage of cloud provisioning and management – so they are not constrained to bare metal hardware.


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