Countering the counterfeiters: The art of making money

By Eoghan Macguire, for CNN
October 22, 2014 — Updated 1624 GMT (0024 HKT)


One of the winning designs for what will be the newest Norwegian 100 Krone ($15) note. Norges Bank, the Norwegian central bank, recently held a competition to design its latest banknotes.

Future Finance showcases future trends related to the global financial system.

(CNN) — Legend has it that when the surrealist painter Salvador Dali had to pay for an expensive restaurant meal he would twizzle his famous mustache and arch his eyebrows before beguiling his host into letting him dine for free.

The crafty Catalan, it is said, would write out a check for the required amount and sign on the dotted line. Just before handing the payment over, however, he would pull the piece of paper back and pen an elaborate doodle on the opposite side.

“An original from the master Dali. I will never cash this check,” would inevitably be the reply from the starstruck restaurant owner thrilled to be gifted an artwork that would doubtless be of greater value than the amount on the check itself.

By perfecting the magic checkbook technique, Dali would rarely, if ever, have to pay for his dining habits.

People might not hoard the recently revealed 100 Norwegian Krone ($15) banknote in the same manner — but it too is a work of art in its own right.


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