Q-Music Takes to the Traffic

by Marc Maes
on 12.01.2014

Sven Ornelis and Maarten Vancoillie prepare for their journey.

On the occasion of the annual “Strapdag” (a day in Belgium designated to encouraging school children to get active by walking or biking to school), Q-Music’s morning drive DJs Sven Ornelis and Maarten Vancoillie broadcast live from a tandem bike, using 4G antennas and a transmitter in a dog-buggy.

See the video here.


The challenge was to produce the full, three-hour show, during the 30-kilometer trip from Aartselaar (near Antwerp) to the Medialaan studio in Vilvoorde (Brussels). Rudi Wynants, Q-Music engineer and the technical brain behind the station’s stunts, managed the technical side of the operation. – See more at: http://www.radioworld.com/article/q-music-takes-to-the-traffic/273500#sthash.XpNq84Zg.dpuf

“We’ve equipped (the rear seat position of) the tandem with a Behringer Xenyx battery-operated mixer and two iPods,” said Wynants – See more at: http://www.radioworld.com/article/q-music-takes-to-the-traffic/273500#sthash.XpNq84Zg.dpuf

Two 4G antennas in the dog-car established data connections with GSM transmitters along the route.

“I opted for a Comrex BRIC-Link codec for this particular action because it has a long life on battery power — they lasted the full three-hour show,” Wynants continued. “The mixer section for the Comrex Access Portable is another great asset. This allowed us to make a separate output mix for the presenters of the show.”

Wynants used the Comrex network interface and a Conel 4G LTE router to achieve maximum 4G connectivity during the broadcast.

Strapdag_Vancoillie_consoleMaarten Vancoillie works with the Behringer Xenyx mixer.


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