Don’t miss our exclusive PXW-FS7 webinar Shooting Solo Wednesday 17th December 12pm (midday) GMT/1pm CET


It’s not too late to register for our exclusive webinar exploring new creative possibilities for single-user shooting, plus find out the results of our recent competition. Who has won a PXW-FS7?

Join our FREE interactive webinar that explores latest production trends, with a focus on single-user shooting with Sony’s acclaimed new PXW-FS7 professional camera. Whether you’re making docs, music promos or web video, you’ll pick up loads of practical tips and tricks for getting better pictures when it’s just you and your camera.

Hosted at Sony’s Digital Motion Picture Centre Europe, located at London’s legendary Pinewood Studios, Shooting Solo is presented by this exciting panel of filmmakers:

• Den Lennie

• Nino Leitner

• Tom Swindell

• Emmanuel Pampuri

• Pol Turrents

We’ll also be unveiling the results of our recent competition. Tune in to find out who has won the game-changing PXW-FS7, with a first look at their winning entry as selected by some of our webinar panel.

Kind regards,

The Sony Professional Team


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