jan5_artforum_imgJanuary 2015 in Artforum

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This month in Artforum:

As a major survey of the work of On Kawara opens at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York next month, art historian Joan Kee takes stock of the artist’s elusive yet monumentally obdurate accountings of time, place, and things:

“No matter how inconspicuous its location or elaborate its surroundings, Kawara’s painting demands that we see it first.”
–Joan Kee

Portfolio: New works by Jacolby Satterwhite, “En Plein Air”:

“A few centuries ago, plein air painting sucked the artist out of the studio and into the vast wide open. This was a new kind of space, and Satterwhite seems to show us what it has become: not one but many boundless, depthless worlds and screens, all mobile and connected, and everywhere strange.”

Hal Foster on Robert Gober at the Museum of Modern Art:

“Redemption is too final a state for Gober, who is ever committed to the shape-shifting of natural things, human bodies, selves, communities, life.”
–Hal Foster 

Brian O’Doherty on Orson Welles‘s infamous Mr. Arkadin:

“At least four or five episodes in Arkadin survive intact, islands of near perfection where intent and effect converge smoothly into an individual style—the elusive but instantly recognizable fingerprint of identity.”
–Brian O’Doherty

Catherine Wood on the art of Simone Forti:

“If the critical legacy of postwar dance has jelled into a narrative of quotidian gestures and deskilled movement, Forti both pushed these to the extreme—into the realm of the nonhuman—and undermined them.”
–Catherine Wood

OpeningsThomas J. Lax on Kevin Beasley:

“While they may be disembodied, abstracted, even nameless, the rappers in Beasley’s I Want My Spot Back are here, for as long as their voices issue from Beasley’s speakers.”
–Thomas J. Lax

And: Winter Preview: 45 shows from around the world, including Negar Azimi on Sharjah Biennial 12; Johanna Fateman on Björk; Charlotte Cotton on Barbara Kasten; Jeffrey Deitch on Jean-Michel Basquiat; Rhea Anastas on Andrea Fraser; Catherine Wood onTino Sehgal; and Ina Blom on Torbjørn Rødland.

Plus: J. Hoberman on Paul Thomas Anderson‘s Inherent ViceMelissa Gronlund onMaeve Connolly‘s TV Museum; Greil Marcus on Viv Albertine‘s autobiography; Rob Young on Aphex Twin‘s new album; Solveig Nelson on the Halprin workshopsPhilip Tinari on the Gwangju Biennale and the Taipei BiennialNick Stillman on Prospect.3;Dennis Lim on David Lynch‘s new exhibition; Jennifer West talks to Jon Raymond about her reengagement with celluloid; and choreographer and dancer Justin Peck shares his Top Ten.


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