Signiant Intelligence

First published: 07-12-2010


Content can be entertainment—a movie like Avatar, a sports highlight from the World Cup, an episode of The Simpsons.

It can be a commercial, a business briefing, a financial report, a satellite map, a medical image or amateur video. A value may be attached to that content by the owner, publisher and ultimately the audience/consumer and may be enhanced by additional content or the context in which it is presented.

In essence content is information and in a world of information technology, content needs to be manipulated as information. There is more content than ever and many new ways to consume that content—thus the complexity of managing the flow of that content throughout the supply chain—from creation to the consumer.

All content should be considered an asset, but in today’s digital media environment its true value will only be realized if you have extremely precise, up-to-the-second knowledge of what assets you have where it all is, who is needs it, when it will be delivered, what form is required and finally that it has arrived.

All of this information about your content needs to be visible at any time from a single view. How else will you know exactly how much money these assets are making and whether or not you can you push that number even higher?

Broader availability and better utilization of all the information about your content translates assets directly into profits.


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