Netzkino launches on Amazon Fire TV

5 January 2015timthumb.php

German free-of-charge VoD service Netzkino is now available on Amazon Fire TV, which can be connected to an HDTV to allow the user to stream internet content. Fire TV users can choose between more than 1,500 movies at Netzkino, with some in HD quality. Users can gain access without needing to register or signing up for a subscription.

Fire TV from Amazon has been available in Germany since early September last year. Films can be streamed from the internet to the TV using the connected Fire TV box. Netzkino has developed an app for this purpose, which is designed to fully make use of Fire TV’s capabilities.

Netzkino claims to be Germany’s largest free-of-charge online movie offering, and with the move to Fire TV, the service aims to extend its reach and expand its position in the advertising-financed VoD market. The Netzkino app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone mobile platforms, as well as on Google Chromecast and on some connected TV sets.

Fire TV features an advanced voice search and the ASAP function (Advanced Streaming and Prediction). “We provide a unique technical reach making us particularly interesting for the advertising industry,” said Peter von Ondarza, founder of Netzkino. The service boasts over 3 million movie accesses per month, and through its technological infrastructure Netzkino is able to integrate any advertising partner. Like classic free-to-air TV channels, Netzkino shows the commercials before and during the movie.


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