8 Newfound Alien Worlds Could Potentially Support Life

by Mike Wall, Space.com Senior Writer   |   January 06, 2015 04:45pm ET

planetary-nebula-exoplanetsArtist’s concept showing an Earth-like planet orbiting a star that has formed a stunning “planetary nebula.”
Credit: David A. Aguilar (CfA)

Astronomers have discovered eight new exoplanets that may be capable of supporting life as we know it, including what they say are the two most Earthlike alien worlds yet found.

All eight newfound alien planets appear to orbit in their parent stars’ habitable zone — that just-right range of distances that may allow liquid water to exist on a world’s surface — and all of them are relatively small, researchers said.

“Most of these planets have a good chance of being rocky, like Earth,” study lead author Guillermo Torres, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), said in a statement. [10 Exoplanets That Could Host Alien Life]


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