05 January 2015


Samsung has announced that all of its Smart TVs in 2015 will come equipped with its new Tizen operating system. Tizen is an open-source platform which allows developers to create compatible content across devices.

Robert King, VP of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland said, “Building our Smart TV Platform around Tizen is a groundbreaking step towards a much more intelligent and integrated system. Tizen not only enhances the entertainment experience for our customers today but unlocks great potential for the future in home entertainment.”

The redesigned Smart Hub is displayed on one screen, and features easy access to content with the first screen displaying the owner’s most recent content and tailored recommendations for even more entertainment options. It also has an optimised four-direction control.

Using Wi-Fi Direct, content is seamlessly shared from a mobile device to a TV and vice-versa with one click.

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Samsung’s Smart TV software automatically searches for Samsung mobile devices nearby and connects to them. This easy convergence allows people to enjoy a multi-screen experience with access to entertainment across multiple compatible devices. It is also possible to watch live broadcasts or TV on their mobile devices, anywhere on their home network, even when their TV is powered off.


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