Media Asset Management | Streamline


Streamline Overview

Streamline is Ross Video’s own Media Asset Management system developed on a web server platform which provides a complete asset management workflow from the order process to final approval. Media content producers and content creators can utilize their favorite web browser on any platform to browse, manage, order, upload or download assets with Streamline.

Uniquely integrated into Ross Video workflow tools, Streamline has been designed from the ground up for seamless integration with Ross’ ground breaking XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System as well as the Ross Inception News Room system. Inception Newsroom users can browse and order assets from within Inception, using the integrated Streamline user interface. XPression newsroom users are able to fulfill templates by drag-and-drop of existing assets in Streamline or using the Streamline New Asset Order form to request new assets.

Streamline promotes a self-service workflow, where storytellers in the dark corners of the newsrooms, edit bays and even out in the field can finally be empowered to best tell their own story by utilizing assets that are now cataloged, searchable and available for everyone to share.

Streamline helps to increase the value of every asset owned by your organization simply by raising the utilization of it. Assets uploaded to Streamline are immediately accessible, searchable and may be downloaded by users in any department. Simple and advanced search tools provide the ability to find the right asset using any of the associated metadata.

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