De Hoeksteen Live! is a legendary interactive live talkshow from Amsterdam, Holland ( The Netherlands) Culture, Politics, Media, Economics and more!


‘Hoeksteen’ is a Dutch word and means ‘Cornerstone’.

What?? Is De Hoeksteen Live! a bunch of religious fanatics? YES! We are! We are fundamental in our belief that LIVE MEDIA is the present cornerstone of society!

‘De Hoeksteen’ was originaly the name of an experimental theatre piece by Toneelgroep Amsterdam around 1990 orso. Then public access radio airtime was hired at SALTO to promote this theatre piece. After some episodes somebody walked into the radiostudio with a consumer videocamera. (rare and expensive in those days!) This was connected without any further ‘professional’ video-tv studio equipement with just one wire to Amsterdam Public Access TV channel, with the sound of the radio. TV audience could interfere in the live show by phone-in and fax. Or even drop by…

At a certain moment in De Hoeksteen Live! history people at home could text chat live on television by dialing up De Hoeksteen BBS, running on a Commodore Amiga PC, with analog video/inout genlock. Only one person at a time could chat live on screen in the programme, since there was only 1 telephone line. This was wayyy before The Internet reached das proletariat! And even way before even the ‘Early Adaptors’ ever heared of  ‘internet’ as a matter of fact!

To make long story short, nowadays at De Hoeksteen, YOUR avatar can wave LIVE at your granny watching analog TV!

http://DeHoeksteen.Live.nU ( = https://hoeksteen.wordpress.com redirect)









2 responses to “ABOUT

  1. I was very happy to read the news about Second Life opening their new European office in Amsterdam. This is a big coup for De Hoeksteen and you should receive credit. Good jobs, a creative venture, cutting edge technology. Bravo Amsterdam and De Hoeksteen.

  2. When is there another Hoeksteen Show? Raul told me once on every last saturday of the month, but the one in february was on friday…

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