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Spike Jonze Directs Vice’s First Ever Virtual Reality Feature

By  January 23, 2015


Vice News prides itself on its intimate, personal reporting style, and the publication’s latest venture brings that intimacy to a new level. Spike Jonze and Chris Milk are the filmmakers behind Vice News VR: Millions March, a news feature available on virtual reality (VR) devices.

Jonze and Milk premiered the VR film at Sundance. Millions March is hosted by Alice Speri, a Vice News correspondent who attended the large-scale protests in New York City that followed grand jury decisions in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Speri captured footage with a 360-degree camera, and her completed feature was uploaded to an app designed by VRSE, a VR development company founded by Milk.

Viewers are able to download VRSE’s app via the iTunes Store and Google Play. The first VR device to support this app is Google’s own Cardboard, but viewers are also able to view Millions March on newer mobile devices–albeit without the incredible VR experience.

For many forward-thinking content creators, VR is the an exciting new platform for online video distribution. YouTube, for example, also plans to support videos uploaded from 360-degree cameras.

“My hope is that VR is the tool we need to stir more compassion for one another,” Milk said in a statement. “I think VR holds the potential to fundamentally change journalism.”

Jonze co-helmed the project thanks to his role as Vice’s creative director. The filmmaker best known for works like Being John Malkovich and Her previously collaborated with Vice on the YouTube Music Awards.

Beyond Millions March, Vice plans to develop other VR projects alongside VRSE.


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China’s Cornucopia Films chooses Mistika

Holly Ashford 28 November 2014


Cornucopia Film has invested in a Mistika 4K finishing and colour grading system to deliver post production services to its clients. It is the first post house to host a Mistika system in Shenzhen, and is one of China’s new creative companies offering editing, CG/VFX production, colour grading and DI services for feature film projects.

Colourist Szu-Yi CHU (pictured), who is also the managing director and chief colourist at Cornucopia Films, commented: “SGO’s Mistika was a natural choice when looking ahead to a 4K future at Cornucopia Films, and I have to say, I am a real fan of this technology. After thoroughly researching the market, Mistika is the most comprehensive and open system in the industry, and is ideal for us to build an efficient workflow around. We will primarily put our Mistika to work on high-end colour grading and compositing for film and broadcast productions.”

SGO’s CEO Miguel Angel Doncel, who met the team in Schenzhen, confirmed, “Cornucopia Films is a vibrant and forward thinking company, and we are delighted that they have made this key investment in Mistika, after initial research and testing. The creative team will truly benefit from Mistika’s range of toolsets. The fact that Mistika merges all of the post production disciplines for broadcast and film such as editing, compositing, finishing, grading, into one complete powerful system is appealing, and that it can be used for any project, irrespective of size.  We warmly embrace Cornucopia Films into the Mistika community and look forward to a long term relationship with them.”

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