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Duma Video USA NAB 2012

 Duma Video the low latency, low power MPEG-2 & H.264 encoder & decoder leader for demanding military, industrial, live broadcast, IPTV and IP streaming, Microwave/RF, and multiscreen application markets. We feature a robust, flexible FPGA-based design, supporting up to 1080p60 resolution. Our compact design fits two boxes side by side in a 1U rack, and can be customized to fit up to four. Our product features front panel control, a large high resolution screen, & video playback monitor. Available as hardware & IP. We are looking for distributors.

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NAB 2012 Las Vegas Digital Rapids


Digital Rapids provides innovative solutions, technology and expertise that enable media organizations and professionals to bring live and on-demand video to wider audiences more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably. Our award- winning hardware and software solutions span the critical points in today’s media operations, including ingest, encoding, transcoding, streaming, broadcast and workflow automation. We’re bringing our complete lineup to the NAB Show in booth SL5624. Featured demos will include a new version of our Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software, powered by our groundbreaking Kayak technology platform; and our newest live encoders for blending ‘traditional television’ encoding with revenue-expanding multi-screen distribution.

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In the keynote programme, CEOs and executives from established and new companies in the broad mobile ecosystem will share their insights into the critical global business trends,  growth strategies and technological innovations that are redefining mobile today.


Mobile World Live Keynotes

The Mobile World Live keynotes will once again feature the industry’s leading lights, who will be sharing their visions for the future of mobile technology. These special standalone afternoon sessions are a break from the traditional format, and are the only Mobile World Congress conference sessions to be broadcast live over the internet and via Mobile World Live

Featuring Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, Mobile World Live Extra is a special session heading up the Mobile Application stream. This session will be broadcast on Mobile World Live TV and on www.mobileworldlive.comBret will discuss how Facebook is working to enhance the distribution and discovery of applications across mobile platforms.

The GSMA Mobile World Congress and Mobile World Live are proud to host the Ford Motor Company’s executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. in the first of the 2012 Mobile World Live keynotes. During 2011, Ford unveiled a number of prototype and concept technologies that demonstrated the company is already on the path to achieving its vision of the connected future.

Bill Ford’s presence at the 2012 Mobile World Congress will mark the first time Ford executive chairman has delivered a keynote technology speech in Europe. Join this special session to discover how Ford is working towards improving the motoring experience through technology innovation and ubiquitous connectivity and share in Bill Ford’s vision of the connected future.


In 2010’s inaugural Mobile World Live Keynote, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt famously proclaimed Google’s new strategy of putting “Mobile First!”

The following year saw Eric Schmidt return to give an update on the meteoric rise of Android and emphasised the importance of LTE and cloud computing to the future of new mobile services and innovative technologies.

Make sure to once again join Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt for what promises to be another excellent and thought-leading contribution to the Mobile World Live keynote programme.


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Mobile World Congress Barcelona Day 3

google-picGoogle backs high-speed network evolution

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes the rollout of LTE networks and new cloud based services this year will mark the start of a new era for mobile innovation. “LTE will provide the platform for a set of new mobile applications that we can only begin to imagine,” said Schmidt in a special keynote session at Congress yesterday afternoon. Not surprisingly, he positioned Google’s own Android OS as at the forefront of this change. He said that Android phone activations were now running at 300,000 a day with 170 Android-based handsets currently available from 27 device vendors – making it the “world’s fastest-growing mobile platform.” He claimed that such scale made Android a compelling prospect for developers. “Developers think ‘mobile first’ because they know this is where there is scale and growth; they also go where the money is.”


HTC handsets storyHTC unveils ‘Facebook’ and tablet devices

HTC announced what Peter Chou, its CEO, described as ““the broadest lineup of phones we have ever announced at one time.” The company unveiled five Android smartphones plus its first tablet device, HTC Flyer. Among the updated smartphone portfolio are two devices (pictured) which feature a dedicated, “contextual” Facebook button, which has been integrated with a number of applications to enable one-touch content upload and sharing via the social networking site. One device, ChaCha, includes a QWERTY keypad as well as a small (2.6”) touch screen, while its sibling, Salsa, is touch-screen (3.4 inch display) only.ChaCha and Salsa will be available in “major European and Asian markets” in the second quarter, and HTC is also working exclusively with AT&T in the US for these products.

HuaweiHuawei unveils new smartphone and the scale of its ambitions

Huawei announced a new smartphone and an updated tablet, both based on Android, in further evidence of the vendor’s ambition to increase its presence in the high-end device market. Speaking to Show Daily, Huawei Device’s chief marketing officer Victor Xu said the company plans to ship “more than 10 million” smartphones in 2011, up from 3 million shipments last year.The vendor’s Ideos X3 is its first smartphone based on version 2.3 of the Android OS, also known as Gingerbread, and has a 3.2-inch screen. Huawei boasts the new handset’s thickness of 11.2 mm makes it “the thinnest handset on the market today”. Comparable handsets from Motorola (12.4 mm), HTC (12 mm) and Sony Ericsson (15 mm) are chunkier than the new model, claims Huawei.


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Satellite Communications Systems from Paradise Datacom

Supplier of satellite communications products and subsystems, Paradise Datacom provides satellite modem and RF products to a variety of satcom technology users located around the world.

Modems & Protection Switches

Evolution modems and switch

Quantum Series

With the advent of the PD155i Satellite Modem/IP Router, Paradise Datacom expands on its repertoir of paired-carrier ready modems. These units, in addition to the PD20, PD20L, PD60 and PD60L modems, allow all the standard features and options of the Evolution Series modems with the addition of the bandwidth savings of DVB-S2 and the ability to overlay the transmit and receive carriers utilizing Paired Carrier1 technology to reduce bandwidth by up to 50 percent.

Vision Series

Paradise Datacom’s 80Mbps Digital Video Broadcast Vision Series Modems are available in IF and L-Band versions. Featuring the best TCP/IP feature set in any DVB modem, these robust 1RU chassis include TCP Acceleration, HTTP Acceleration, Header Compression, Ethernet Bridge, QoS, VLAN Support, IP Diagnostics for all network topologies.

Evolution Series

The Paradise Datacom Evolution Series modem is offered in a 10 Mbps, 25Mbps and 55Mbps configuration, for both IF and L-Band operation. An Open Network/Closed Network Modem, it is fully compliant with IESS-308, 309, 310, 314, 315, offering a range of data interfaces including Ethernet, HSSI and serial LVDS, plus a range of modulation schemes including 16QAM. The Evolution Series Satellite Modem embodies a new concept in modem design. The core of the Modem is implemented with programmable logic, which allows easy reconfiguration to the needs of the user, and provides futureproof flexibility.

The Evolution Modem Redundancy Switch system offers a revolutionary approach to Modem Redundancy Protection by integrating the Backup Modem and 1:N Redundancy Controller into a single unit. The Backup Modem / Controller becomes a 3RU high 19 inch chassis, which incorporates the traffic and overhead interface connectors necessary to support the online Modem group. This low cost and compact 1:N scheme employs proven integrated 1:1 Redundancy technology pioneered by Paradise Datacom.

Simple, Flexible, Powerful

The Modem firmware and software for each modem series is easily upgraded through an Ethernet management port, plus an innovative new menu structure makes configuration a simple procedure. Advanced user interfaces support the display of text in different languages for universal appeal, and a unique Web User Interface offers full remote control and in-depth performance analysis tools using Internet Explorer without special Monitor & Control software.

The Web User Interface available via an embedded web server includes a Receive Spectrum Analyser, a Receive Constellation Monitor, a BER Tester and graphing of Eb/No, Rx Power, BER plus other parameters, using Internet Explorer.


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New Conax content security platform


New Conax Contego content security platform launched at IBC 2010

Taking content security to the next level

Conax ContegoTM is the next generation content pro- tection system from Conax, succeeding the previous systems Conax CAS3, Conax CAS5 and Conax CAS7.

Conax ContegoTM features a revolutionary high level of security that enables maximum protection for your valuable content. Conax ContegoTM is based on a completely new design and architecture – a fresh look and feel for a next generation platform to meet tomorrow’s demands today, yet including the key functionality proven in previous Conax content protection products.

Conax ContegoTM supports existing external interfaces in Conax CAS7 as well as a set of new Web Service interfaces. Conax ContegoTM is also backward compatible with Conax CAS5 and Conax CAS7 smart cards.

One size fits all

Conax ContegoTM scales horizontally, meaning capacity and performance can easily be increased by adding additional hardware. This enables opera- tors tobegin with a basic installation and expand as needed to fit changing requirements and business models.

The unique architecture also provides any degree of re- dundancy required. Conax ContegoTM can be set up with redundancy solutions off-the-shelf, or can be tailored according to your own requirements and preferences.

Easy access to new functionality

For one-stop-shopping, Conax ContegoTM supports all business models available to the market, such as Subscription, Pay Per View, Video On Demand and DRM Control. An all-in-one installation includes all Conax ContegoTM product options, allowing operators to pay only for the functionalities of their choice for a tailored solution. A licensing system enables functionality, which in turn simplifies installation, support and upgrades.

conax.comSecurity made easy to use

Conax ContegoTM has a user-friendly manage- ment system that is easy to understand, navigate and work with for configuration and management. The management system includes many important features like step-by-step wizards, diagnostics, reporting and extensive audit logging.

Conax ContegoTM – an easy-to-manage experience

Conax ContegoTM also includes a comprehensive monitoring system that monitors the state of the installation and the hardware platform, and provides detailed statistics that allow the operator to handle any issue before it becomes a problem.

One system – any operation

Conax ContegoTM is designed to support any distribution technology and a multitude of consumer devices. A single installation of Conax ContegoTM can support both broadcast and broadband operations with content delivery to consumer devices with or without smart cards.

Conax ContegoTM highlights

Conax ContegoTM is a highly flexible content protection solution that can be used for any type of operation providing pay-for-content services. Fully scalable, Conax ContegoTM supports all business models required by today’s demanding market. Main features include:

• Subscription • Pay per view • VOD and Push VOD • Catch-up TV / Start-over TV • Local and Network PVR • Advanced anti-piracy mechanisms • Pairing • Fingerprinting and Watermarking • Messaging • Broadcast and Broadband support • Smart card and cardless security options • Extensive language support • Backward compatible with Conax CAS5/CAS7 • Web Service interfaces • DVB, ISDB-T and OpenCableTM compliant • DRM Control • Secure Hybrid • CI Plus and CableCARDTM support • Multi-client support • Multi-room and home networking • 200+ supported STB vendors

Securing the future

The Conax ContegoTM content protection system is the natural choice for modern operators with a need to stay ahead of competitors; the key component to your success as a pay-for-content operator. A tool that is prepared for your demanding market now and into the future!



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De Hoeksteen Live! 2011.01.29/30

Every last saturday of the month: No-Definition TeleVision

23:00 – 03:00 CET

[ = 22:00 pm – 02:00 UTC/GMT/Zulu ]

Real-time interactive cross-media talkshow with the usual suspects and surprise guests from the worlds of politics, arts, business, media and more!

Live from The Netherlands Media Art Instititute (NIMk), Amsterdam.

  • AMSTERDAM TVSALTO 1 (A1) – (UPC cable: Analog UHF 39+ /  Digital 32)
  • LIVE STREAMS webcasting online
  • VIDEO-ON-REQUEST immediately after every broadcast hour,for 4 weeks only!

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MARVIN automates the processing of camera data, generating LTO tape masters, QuickTime proxies for offline editing and DVD dailies in a single step.
MARVIN is now production ready. The first sales have been completed. New features at IBC include support for all commonly used digital cinema cameras, sync with audio, and generation of full-resolution stills for precise image checking. You can be among the first to see MARVIN in action.
Where: Booth A.38 in Hall 13

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Expand Your Audience, Increase Your Revenue and Reduce Your Costs with Digital Rapids at IBC 2010

Visit us at IBC in stand 7.G41 – September 10-14 in Amsterdam – to learn how our solutions for transforming and delivering media can help you increase your productivity, streamline your workflows and maximize the quality and value of your content. We’ll be showcasing solutions from live Web, mobile and IPTV to powerful file-based workflows and efficient, cost-saving, IP-based media delivery.


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maintain the maximum quality of your 3Gb/s or HD signal when down converting Crystal Vision

Crystal Vision’s Q-Down and Q-Down-A 3G broadcast down converters and distribution amplifiers will perfectly meet your requirements!

Offering outstanding picture quality
and a short processing delay, our
range of four Q-Downs (Q-Down-A 3G, IBC 2010 logoQ-Down-AT 3G, Q-Down123 and Q-Down183)
will help simplify your system design at a
very competitive price.

Q-Down features on all versions:
Sophisticated two dimensional filtering

Distribution amplifier

Flexible output
mixtures of analogue and digital HD, and SD
Q-Down-A 3GThree fixed video delay settings
Aspect ratio conversions

Space-saving 100mm x 266mm modules
Fit standard Crystal Vision rack frames

Additional features on Q-Down-A 3G, Q-Down AT 3G:
Pass four groups of embedded audio
Option of integrated fibre input/output connectivity
Create customised aspect ratio
SMPTE 2016 AFD insertion
(and AFD reading)
Transport timecode and closed captions (Q-Down-AT 3G)


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