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Report: Smartphones, not computers, drive most Facebook use – CNN

Facebook users spend more time accessing the site via mobile than on computers, a new report says

(CNN) — According to comScore’s new Mobile Metrix 2.0 reportreleased Monday, Facebook’s mobile usage is on the rise. In fact, the report revealed that Facebook users spent more time accessing the social network on smartphones than on computers in March.

Facebook users spent an average of 441 minutes — or 7 hours, 21 minutes — accessing the social network via smartphones during the month. By comparison, users spent 391 minutes — or 6 hours, 31 minutes — checking out Facebook on PCs.

The comScore report also revealed that smartphone users spent more time on Facebook than on any other social media network, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare. In fact, Facebook is the second largest mobile property behind Google. The social network garners more than 78 million unique monthly smartphone visitors, 81 percent of which access Facebook through its mobile app.

Besides showing that people spend a good chunk of time on Facebook, the data underscores the importance of a mobile strategy for the social network’s business success. Facebook currently makes little revenue from its mobile app — the app doesn’t include ads, and only started to include “sponsored posts” in users’ news feeds last March.

Facebook admitted its mobile struggles in its recent IPO documents. “If users increasingly access mobile products as a substitute for access through personal computers, and if we are unable to successfully implement monetization strategies for our mobile users,” the company writes in its filing documents, “our financial performance and ability to grow revenue would be negatively affected.”

In light of these stats, a Facebook smartphone makes all the more sense. The company could capitalize on its mobile leadership position. But because Facebook has not officially made any announcements about its hardware plans, it’s unclear when a Facebook phone will actually enter the market. In the meantime, we can hope that the company continues to update its mobile apps.

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Facebook IPO: How could privacy concerns affect revenue? – Washington Post

Now that Facebook has set its share prices, valuing the company between $77 billion and $96 billion, the question is whether it will be able to convince investors that it’s got a sustainable business model, can keep growing and find new ways to generate revenue.

And because advertising revenue is such a big part of Facebook’s business model, user privacy will have to be a major consideration for potential investors.

“If you use Facebook, you’re the product, not the customer,” said Bill Kerrigan, chief executive of the privacy company Abine, in an interview with The Washington Post. “The company’s financial success requires it to collect more personal information and make available to advertisers.”

Facebook itself is clearly aware of how important it is to keep up a good reputation on privacy, especially after settling with theFederal Trade Commission over complaints that it was making data public without user permission.

In the list of risk factors that the company has put in its S-1 filing, the company has listed that “changes in user sentiment” about the network’s “privacy and sharing, safety security or other factors” could have a bad effect on the company and its revenue.

As the company continues to build upon its vision of becoming a platform for application developers and other Web services, it will have to carefully consider how best to protect privacy. More partnerships with third-parties can lead to more revenue, but it also means that users will be sharing more information about themselves through apps.

That’s not inherently a bad thing — Facebook is a sharing platform, after all — but it does open up more potential for consumer confusion about managing their privacy settings. Users can manage their app settings through Facebook’s privacy menu. But many skip over or may simply not understand the data sharing terms they agree to when they use their Facebook account to log into an app such as Draw Something or Spotify.

recent study from Consumer Reports found that — based on extrapolated data from around 1300 Facebook-using households surveyed for the group’s “State of the Net” report — 13 million of the site’s 900 million users (150 million in the U.S.) said they still have never set or didn’t know about the social network’s privacy tools.

That group is shrinking as awareness about the company’s data use policies grows, said Kerrigan. According to his metrics, the only thing that’s growing faster than Facebook is the user group managing privacy.

In fact, a February study from New York University Polytechnic of 1.4 million Facebook users found that 12 percent of Facebook users hid personal information such as their age or hometown in 2010. By 2011, that number had jumped to 33 percent, according to a reportfrom TechJounal. And in February, the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 58 percent of Facebook users have made their profiles private to friends.

Kerrigan said that Facebook users’ tendency to make more information private and to be more concerned with learning how the social network collects and uses data leads to a “natural tension point, between user privacy and Facebook’s future success.”

Xavier Le Hericy, Director, Security & Privacy at Webtrends, said that he believes Facebook will be able to adjust to navigate those challenges. “Facebook has proven to that it can adjust quickly to a changing landscape and is very responsive to user feedback on privacy. Maybe it’s because of the software engineering roots of the company, but Facebook carries the engineering concept of agile development to the business level. I wouldn’t discount their ability to keep adjusting as they’ve done so far.”

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Instagram sees a 10 million user jump from just 10 days ago

By Devindra Hardawar | VentureBeat.com

Shortly after launching on Android and making headlines with its $1 billion acquisition by Facebook, the hot mobile photo sharing app Instagram has passed 40 million users, according to the ID count on Instagram’s API. That’s a 10 million user jump from just 10 days ago.Rakshith Krishnappa, creator of Gramfeed, a site that lets you view Instagram photos on the web, tipped us off about the new milestone. Instagram hasn’t officially confirmed the 40 million user amount (we’ve asked for confirmation), but the number makes sense given that its Android app has already reached the 5 million to 10 million install range on Google Play and that the company has been in the news quite a bit lately.

It’s also worth noting that you can’t create an Instagram account without downloading the app and going through the setup process. There’s no web setup for Instagram, so for there to be more than 40 million users on its API, at least that many people needed to install the app (barring any accounts the company created for testing).

The new milestone hammers home why Facebook was so desperate to purchase Instagram. The photo sharing app may not have a legitimate revenue stream yet, but it has stumbled upon a secret to crazy fast growth. It proves that users are far more valuable than actual revenue. Having a boatload of new mobile users is important to Facebook, as the company pointed to mobile being one of its biggest problems leading up to its IPO.


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Call for Applications: Online internships with De Hoeksteen


Now accepting applications for Autumn 2012

De Hoeksteen Live Communications has 7 spots for its fall online internships and it is seeking interns with flawless written english and whose interests coalesce around one or more of these areas:

Cultural Studies




Political Science

Library Science


Information Technology

About the Internships

This 3 month internship program is completely online through digital platforms dealing with live multicasting: cable television, streaming, virtual universes, augmented reality,  mobile media and social media.

Interns are expected to work with live and pre-recorded transmission, online archiving, asset management and platform development. Social Media (twitter, facebook, linkedin, wordpress, google +) plays a crucial role on De Hoeksteen’s overall activities and it is part of the internship’s tasks.

About De Hoeksteen

De Hoeksteen was born as a pre-recorded tv program for Salto Amsterdam cable television on 1990. In 1991, the program became a live-12-hour-long cable casting that offered Salto’s public access division a fresh and new concept of real time interactive television covering current affairs, politics, finances, culture and communications. Today, it is a 3 hour long program transmitted the last friday of every month by Amsterdam’s cable network, livestream and Qik mobile. Also, participates and/or covers different industry fairs, cultural festivals and other international events on remote and in some cases, with correspondants and comentarist present at those events.

Applying to the Program

Submit your CV to hksteen@dds.nl adressed to Maria Hernandez until June 1st 2012.

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Haivision will also be seen at the NAB

Haivision delivers advanced technology for streaming, recording, managing, and distributing secure IP video and interactive media within the sports/entertainment, enterprise, education, medical/healthcare, and federal/military markets. Haivision is renowned for delivering the highest performance solutions available empowering organizations to enhance communications, capture events, and maximize visual assets.

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Front Porch Digital at NAB 2012

The changing broadcast landscape presents a huge opportunity for today’s media companies. Whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbuster or dated, obscure news footage, for every piece of content there is a potential viewer waiting for it. As the global leader in Content Storage Management Front Porch Digital offers a broad range of award winning products and services that help streamline media enterprise workflow, from migrating videotape to files (SAMMA), through publishing content online (DIVApublish) and everything in-between (DIVArchive). Either on site (DIVASolutions), or uniquely, from a secure hosted cloud platform (LYNX), or any combination of the two. Find out more by talking to Front Porch Digital today.

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Envivio TV without borders during NAB 2012



Envivio makes the world’s video content universally enjoyable by all viewers, on any device, across any network, at any time. Our advanced software-based solutions, available on 1-RU appliances or IT blade servers, perform IP-based video encoding/transcoding, processing, packaging, ad insertion and delivery for broadcast TV, HTTP streaming and mobile video services. Envivio products are used by more than 300 of the world’s leading telecom, cable and satellite service providers, content owners, terrestrial broadcasters and mobile service operators to deliver high quality video streams to mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and PCs serving tens of millions of viewers.

NAB booth #SU3902 

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Portland’s Elemental Technologies at NAB 2012



Elemental Technologies is the leading supplier of video solutions for multiscreen content delivery.

At NAB 2012, Elemental will demonstrate a variety of new and advanced features recently implemented in our suite of video processing products for content programmers and service providers delivering video to PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Demonstration highlights include:

• Real-time encoding of multiple video streams using the new MPEG- DASH streaming protocol

• Real-time audio normalization capabilities that enable compliance with the CALM Act

• Ad insertion, closed captioning, image overlay, J2K decoding, DECE Ultraviolet asset creation and more

Want to see how well Elemental works with your video? Bring a video file to Elemental’s booth and we will transcode it on the spot in faster- than-real time!

NAB booth #SU10012

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Brightcove, Inc. NAB 2012


Brightcove Inc., a leading global provider of cloud content services, provides a family of products used to publish and distribute the world’s professional digital media. The company’s products include Brightcove Video Cloud, the market-leading online video platform, and Brightcove App Cloud, a pioneering content app platform. More than 3,600 customers in over 50 countries rely on Video Cloud to build and operate media experiences across PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.


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Akamai at NAB 2012

Akamai is looking for a few good Digital Media ecosystem partners Booth# SL8124 Akamai is the leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. Our Intelligent Platform™ removes the complexities of connecting the increasingly mobile world, supporting 24/7 consumer demand, and enabling enterprises to securely leverage the cloud.

– Akamai accelerates innovation in our hyperconnected world


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