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PvdA Help, de wachtlijsten komen!

(NL Campaign Watch 2012)

Wat te verwachten viel gebeurde bij het televisiedebat tussen de lijsttrekkers bij Knevel & Van den Brink. Zowel Rutte als Pechtold waarschuwde voor wachtlijsten in de zorg als het verkiezingsprogramma van de PvdA wordt uitgevoerd. En jawel, het schrikbeeld van eind jaren negentig werd er weer bijgehaald. Naar die wachtlijsten van eind jaren negentig moeten we zeker niet terug. Maar anders dan Pechtold en Rutte doen geloven waren die wachtlijsten niet rechtstreeks gevolg van de budgettering in de zorg. Ook in de jaren tachtig kenden we een systeem van budgettering en waren er weinig klachten over wachtlijsten, terwijl de kosten van de zorg niet explodeerden zoals we de laatste jaren zien. Waardoor kwam het dan wel?

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US analyst sees IFA as the world’s leading electronics trade show



Berlin (dapd). According to US blogger and analyst Michael Gartenberg, when IFA opens on Friday the big-name manufacturers and retailers from the US and Asia will also be in Berlin. “IFA gives the US market a good indication of what will soon be on the market here”, said Gartenberg in an interview with dapd. IFA already sets the pace worldwide and lays down the topics for other shows such as CES in January in Las Vegas.

“Nowadays a press release from Berlin is picked up and discussed immediately in the US”, said Gartenberg, commenting on the growing attention that IFA commands. Gartenberg is an IT industry observer for market analysts Gartner. IFA’s importance will continue to grow: “We have not yet reached the point where trade shows such as IFA are becoming less important or irrelevant”, said Gartenberg.

CES, its competitor, is still more important in North America. However, globally speaking “IFA’s influence is big, in the US as well as in South America and Asia”. According to Gartenberg IFA’s success has less to do with its timing, shortly before Christmas trading begins, but more to do with Berlin: the show benefits from the city and its location at the heart of Europe. What is more the exhibition grounds are bigger than in Las Vegas, allowing IFA to display an even wider range of products.

Gartenberg sees no signs of the industry’s major players shunning electronics trade shows. The decision whether to exhibit or not depends on each individual company’s situation. Apple is a special case anyway: “They know that everybody will be talking about them even if they are not exhibiting at IFA “, said Gartenberg.

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Rob Zwetsloot met J. C. Schalekamp NL Verkiezingen 12 september 2012 (2/3)

J. C, Schalekamp s “Waarom de Politiek Teleurstelt” Wind Publishers 2012 een interview met Rob Zwetsloot Hoeksteen NL Verkiezingen 12 september 2012

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Rob Zwetsloot met J. C. Schalekamp NL Verkiezingen 12 september 2012 3/3)

J. C, Schalekamp s “Waarom de Politiek Teleurstelt” Wind Publishers 2012 een interview met Rob Zwetsloot Hoeksteen NL Verkiezingen 12 september 2012

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Campaign Watch Het grote Harry van Bommel interview met Rob Zwetsloot 2/4

Harry van Bommel #SP interview met Rob Zwetsloot #Hoeksteen LIve! #NL #Verkiezingen september 12 2012 via Salto Televisie Amsterdam LiveStream & Qik 25 juli 2012 2/4
sp.nl salto.nl dehoeksteen.live.nu

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Interview Harry van Bommel Rob Zwetsloot 25 juli nu in YouTube


Interview Rob Zwetsloot met Harry van Bommel SP NL Verkiezingen 2012 (25 juli) 1/4 2/4 3/4 4/4 nu in YouTube

1/4 http://youtu.be/x4c1kMSDgac

2/4 http://youtu.be/TEV1W6wdw3c

3/4 http://youtu.be/13ne2BwhTgE

4/4 http://youtu.be/kghyuoEEpaQ

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Caridad Botella ‘s Sunday Matinees Witzenhausen Gallery Amsterdam


sunday matinees ed. 06 @ witzenhausen gallery 2012.
a series of online&multimedia events hosted @ witzenhausen gallery amsterdam; curated by caridad botella
29 july from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m. (cet)

follow the event live on:
http://www.livestream.com/witzenhauseng (copy link and paste it on your browser)

follow us on:
http://www.facebook.com @ groups witzenhausen gallery ams/ny
http://www.twitter.com @witzenhauseng

participating (in order of appearance):

rod summers (1943) is a sound, visual, conceptual artist, photographer, performance poet, dramatist, mail artist and book artist, publisher, archivist, and lecturer on intermedia. born in dorset (u.k.), he is based in maastricht (nl).

raul marroquin (1948, bogota, co) lives in amsterdam, he is working with video since 1968, one of the pioneers of european video art. currently working with user technology, low-tech., online performace and livestreaming channels. he is the director of hoeksteen live television in amsterdam.

yolanda duarte is a venezuelan performance artist working and living in bogotá. her work is a reconstruction of diverse migrant cultures, those who preceded her and form her heritage. her work is a continuing tribute to the memory, the environment and the building of both.

alejandro ramirez, bogota (co). visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer with knowledge in cg (computer graphics). currently exploring and working with sensor technology, mobile devices, arduino and augmented reality.

emilio barriga (bogotá, 1977) is a visual artist interested in generating contents and reactions from still and moving images, sounds and original or imported ambiences. emilio grew influenced by the scope of arts to which he was exposed by his parents and grandparents in areas such as film, photography, literature, video, music, design and painting. in his teens he began to take photos and play in rock bands. this gives him the elements to decide studying social communication at the pontificia universidad javeriana of bogotá. there he begins his relationship with the production of video which blends the areas he is most passionate about: photography, music, narrative and aesthetics.

kai steamer, (bogota co)
visual artists and graphic designer, has been working on digital collage for several years, currently as a performance artist in second life, member of the contemporary art and performance simulator “odyssey”, also works with installations in both physical life and second life.

sunday matinees offers a multidisciplinary online platform for those -artist, writers, poets, journalists, filmmakers, etc- who would like to share their work through a livestream channel. the performances take place both at the gallery space or elsewhere in the world (mostly the latter). all the content is announced on social media platforms and is widely documented, forming an archive that comes together in blog http://www.sundaymatinees.tumblr.com. with sunday matinees i want to make use of the world wide wed, user & low tech and live-streaming possibilities as a prolongation of the gallery space in order to bring together a varied number of projects from all over the world. the gallery space is important both physically and as online channel (especially witzenhausen gallery which has always been open to new forms of art and distribution). moreover, i want to communicate with an audience who is not physically at the gallery but who can spend a sunday afternoon with us, not only as onlooker but also as an active spectator who can communicate with us through the livestream.com chat. this form of online programming and information sharing through the social media is the seed of future forms of television. with the term “matinee” i refer to the literal meaning of the term: a musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon.

witzenhausen gallery
hazenstraat 60
1016 sr amsterdam

for any additional information
please contact caridad botella at
caridad@witzenhausengallery.nl or caridadbotella@gmail.com


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In online video, minorities find an audience – By Hayley Tsukayama

A disproportionate share of YouTube’s top personalities are minorities, a striking contrast to the most popular shows on mainstream television, where the stars are largely white. These minority-produced, home-grown shows are drawing massive audiences — the top one has 5.2 million subscribers — enough to attract the attention of major advertisers.

On Wu’s videos, ads for Mazda and Toyota pop up. Michelle Phan, a Vietnamese American beauty guru, who ranks 20th among YouTube’s most popular channels, has become a spokeswoman for Lancome. YouTube declined to reveal how much such producers earn, but it says hundreds of them make at least six figures annually.

“A lot of U.S. marketers are leaving minority audiences on the table,” said Seneca Mudd, the director of industry initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau. “Advertisers would ignore that trend at their own peril.”

Among the 20 most-subscribed-to channels on YouTube, eight feature minorities. Most are Asian American. Many more black and Latino shows populate the top 50. These producers are also finding an audience that has been largely neglected by Hollywood. Nearly 80 percent of minorities regularly watch online videos, compared with less than 70 percent of whites, the Pew Internet & American Life Project says.

Wu, who ranks 11th among YouTube channels, said he does not intentionally target Asian American issues. But those viewers more easily understand his jokes on dating, stereotypes and the generational clash between parents and kids, he said. “I just tell my stories honestly, and usually Asian Americans will relate to me because they say, ‘That’s how I am and with my parents,’ ” he said.

Added Phan: “If you look at mainstream media, there aren’t many Asian Americans. But it’s also shown non-Asians that they’re not that different from a girl with a different skin tone and a different background.”

Analysts say the trend of minority content on YouTube makes sense. Networks feel pressure to appeal to a broader audience, but Internet video can thrive by just targeting niches because the cost of producing a show is so low, said David Bushman, television curator for the Paley Center for Media.

But the audience for shows like those of Wu and Phan extends beyond their niche. The viewership numbers are eye-popping. Ryan Higa, a Japanese American comedian, has 5.2 million subscribers, second among all YouTube channels, according to the company. In total, his videos have been viewed 1.1 billion times.

Wu has 2.3 million subscribers, but often many more than that watch individual shows. While precise numbers are not available, a large majority of his users live in the United States, YouTube says. The same is true of other minority content producers.

Other analysts note that these figures cannot be neatly compared with Nielsen television ratings, which measure the U.S. audience tuning in to programs on the day they air, both live and on DVR.

Still, the growing popularity of online video — and the time it is taking away from other types of media — is turning heads in traditional studios, experts say.

For minorities, the medium offers a way to push back against stereotypes on network television, said Maureen Guthman, the head of brand strategy and acquisitions for the African American-focused channel TV One. Blacks can present themselves “completely unfiltered and without [someone] telling us, ‘You’ve got to be more this’ or ‘You’ve got to be more that,’ ” she said.

Although much of what’s on YouTube is raw, the production behind some of the shows is growing more sophisticated. Tutele, a popular Hispanic American channel, was launched by Maker Studios, a company with 70 million subscribers over 400 YouTube channels. Maker, which is also behind YouTube’s biggest hit, Ray William Johnson, also recently snagged former Disney vice president Chris Williams to be its chief programming officer.

“The Internet is moving so quickly in many directions that it’s hard to predict,” Guthman said. “I see some sort of merging” between online video and traditional television, she said.

It’s too early to say how this will play out, but a shift is coming, said Forrester analyst James McQuivey. Future content producers might choose to bypass the networks altogether, for instance, because they can go to advertisers directly with proof that there’s a demand for their content, he said.

“That may not be the case when you’re Joss Whedon or J.J. Abrams, but what about the next J.J. Abrams?” he said. “Will that person ever do a network television deal? I don’t think so.”

Regardless of the future of television, McQuivey said, the trend of minorities on online video is welcome.

“There’s a thriving opportunity for any of these groups to see a rise of content targeted at them from their own people,” he said, “and that will be a great thing.”

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Envivio TV without borders during NAB 2012



Envivio makes the world’s video content universally enjoyable by all viewers, on any device, across any network, at any time. Our advanced software-based solutions, available on 1-RU appliances or IT blade servers, perform IP-based video encoding/transcoding, processing, packaging, ad insertion and delivery for broadcast TV, HTTP streaming and mobile video services. Envivio products are used by more than 300 of the world’s leading telecom, cable and satellite service providers, content owners, terrestrial broadcasters and mobile service operators to deliver high quality video streams to mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and PCs serving tens of millions of viewers.

NAB booth #SU3902 

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Portland’s Elemental Technologies at NAB 2012



Elemental Technologies is the leading supplier of video solutions for multiscreen content delivery.

At NAB 2012, Elemental will demonstrate a variety of new and advanced features recently implemented in our suite of video processing products for content programmers and service providers delivering video to PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

Demonstration highlights include:

• Real-time encoding of multiple video streams using the new MPEG- DASH streaming protocol

• Real-time audio normalization capabilities that enable compliance with the CALM Act

• Ad insertion, closed captioning, image overlay, J2K decoding, DECE Ultraviolet asset creation and more

Want to see how well Elemental works with your video? Bring a video file to Elemental’s booth and we will transcode it on the spot in faster- than-real time!

NAB booth #SU10012

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