update 2013 02 11


De Hoeksteen Live! programme video is available online immediately after every broadcast hour. For 1 month only!

Please choose the right date via:


1st part of De Hoeksteen Live! 22:00-23:00

2nd part of De Hoeksteen Live! 23:00-00:00

And after midnight: (saturdaymorning): 

3rd part of De Hoeksteen Live! 00:00-01:00

You need Windows Media player installed to watch web embedded video via



You can also watch the salto video database in other media players like the open source VLC Player , or Winamp or some other media players. But that takes a little more effort:

Copy/paste the mms:// URL into your favorite mediaplayer, for instance:


Replace the right numbers of De Hoeksteen Live! times in the end of this file:

yy = year

mm = m0nth

dd = date

hhhh – start time

For instance:


= 23:00-00:00 time interval, on saturdaynight 28th of march, 2009


= 00:00-01:00 time interval, on saturdaynight, = really sundaymorning 29th

salto tv_ondemand

8 responses to “VIDEO

  1. Hey I#m looking for the Archiv…. from 1994-1995.
    We play’ed there two times… 🙂
    so looking forward…


  2. Unfortunately the thousands of hours of De Hoeksteen Live! television recordings on VHS cassette tapes from that period are not digitized yet… Please HELP!!! 🙂

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    To do this you need two programs, both free, VLC and “Atube catcher”

    First In Salto on demand: , look for the video you want to get, once you have it playing, rigth click on the player and the click on properties, that way you get the mms:// of the video, copy and start VLC and then Ctrl+R > then click Network tab > then paste the mms:// for example:

    On profile choose Video – H.264
    On VLC you can use the option convert/save, wich is suposed to downdload the video for you, didnt worked for me becouse, first it took too long, hours, and second becouse wen it finally ended the video had some parts erased, but you can try if you are patient enough. I tryed that several times with the same result.

    So what i did was insted of record or “convert” i press play or “reproduce”, so VCL starts to play the whole hour that the link have, then i scroll to the specifict moment of the video i want to record, that i identify earlyer.

    Then i open “a tube catcher” that program have an option of recording screen wich lets you trace the specific area you want to record (i guess theres more programs that record your screen, but this one did it fine, and the file the result is not heavy at all, like it hapends in Fraps) put VLC on fullscreen so the image gets big, then i press play on VLC and press record on a tube catcher and i got the exact part of the video i wanted without downdloading the whole hour, the thing is, a tube catcher records sound from the external microphone, i could not find any option that let it record the sound of the stream itself, maybe theres another program that lets you do that. So i just recorded and Kept very quiet, then i edit it on moviemaker, to cut some freezings and, thats all, a tube catcher gives you a .wmv file that you can edit or upload to youtube.

    This is the result of all that work:

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