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#LowTechLabLondon2016 is a project developed by Raúl Marroquín and coordinated by Daniela Medina Poch for the Educational Program of the Saatchi Gallery that will take place on January 15th, 16th and 17th of 2016.

“‘LowTech means technology that is cheap or free.”
James Wallback, LowTech Manifest for The Next 5 Minutes conference in Amsterdam, March 1999.

This experiment is inspired in the role artists have had in the development of technologies and innovation from very early stages. To mention a few, alchemy in the Middle Ages, multidisciplinary advancements throughout the Renaissance and more recently during the second half of the XXth Century and the first decade of this millennium: Video of the 1960’s and 1970’s, cable television of the 1980’s and 1990’s (USA & Canada and later in the Netherlands and Continental Europe) digital communications of the first decade of the 2000’s up to the present with user information and communication platforms, internet, streaming mobile, social media, augmented reality, etc.

As Klaus Fruchtnis mentions: “LowTech applied to communications has given the possibility of having a more exhaustive control in the management of information.”

Today artists continue to play a crucial role in the development of hardware, software and applications. The last four decades are full of examples; to mention a few: “Music Video” is based in the progress and achievements of video artists in the 1960 – 1980’s, video and media art have also influenced audio visuals in education, news gathering and journalism, activism and, last but not least, the advertisement industry.

#LowTechLabLondon2016 is a three day lab that makes use of LowTech, user and discarded technologies coupled with the repurposing of existing hardware and other facilities. It involves those present at the Educational Space of the Saatchi Gallery taking part from tabletop stations devised to interact in one-to-one and one-to-few engagements, as well as remote contributors from abroad, via social media: WhatsApp, Illustrated Twitter, SnapChat, video conferencing and live streams.

The aim of #LowTechLabLondon2016 is to generate a brief, concise and powerful event, that will include artists, students (PCA, Paris and Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, and others) musicians, writers, stage actors and directors, academics, researchers, journalists, politicians and designers realising artworks, workshops, tutorials, experiments: successes and failures, processes, interviews and discussions, presentations, discussions, performances and recitals, as well as urban bootcamps, klutges, scale models and prototypes either live or transmitted from other locations in London, the continent and the Americas.

One of the goals of the lab is to monitor the developments of LowTech throughout the last 50 years and how it has been redefined through the beginning of the second half of the XXth century. From low quality and low resolution, evolving into current user technologies were, for instance, average phone cameras are better than a betacam of 30 years ago, the LowTech have expanded and transformed into user technology.

Additional to the activities taking place at the Educational Space and taking into account the historical past of the area: Kings Road, the Punk Movement, etc, the lab includes works realised outdoors on locations such as streets, parks, shops, bars and terraces near the location of the gallery.

Social Media plays an important role in the daily coverage of the experiment: Everything will be streamed via Periscope, LiveStream, YouTube Live and ephemeral platforms like SnapChat.
A final publication will round up the event.

This event is produced in collaboration with PCA Master’s students in Transdisicplinary New Media.



The #LowTech Blog:
Facebook Event: LowTechLab London2016
LinkedIn:  hoeksteencornerstone
Recordings in YouTube:  StudioMarroquin
Instagram:  StudioRaulMarroquin
Google+:  StudioMarroquin.
Participants LowTech Lab London2016 Saatchi
  • Muu Blanco
  • Operating in Miami
  • C C Brown
  • Operating in New York
  • Nicolás Canal
  • Operating in Ubaté, Colombia
  • Elena Corchero
  • Operating in London
  • Catalina Correa
  • Operating in Chile
  • Melissa Cruz
  • Operating in The Hague
  • Yolanda Duarte
  • Operating in Bogotá
  • Alejo Duque
  • Operating in London
  • Jackie Fei Yongqing
  • Operating in London
  • Max Franklin
  • Operating in London
  • Klaus Fruchtnis
  • Operating in London
  • Cheryl Gallaway
  • David García
  • Operating in London
  • Jakobson Helga
  • Operating in London
  • Johanna Ibañéz y David Motos
  • Operating in Bogotá
  • Claire Leggett
  • Operating in London
  • Carlos Llávata
  • Operating in Valencia
  • Filippo Lorenzin
  • Operating in Düsseldorf
  • Raúl Marroquín
  • Operating in London
  • MauzZ
  • Operating in Amsterdam
  • Svetlana Mircheva
  • Operating in Sophia
  • Michael O’Connell
  • Operating in London
  • Catalina Rodriguez
  • Operating in Bogotá
  • Basma Seif
  • Operating in London
  • Sanet Stegmann
  • Operating in London
  • Iván Tovar
  • Operating in London
  • Alberto Vejarano
  • Operating in Paris
  • Andrew Voxakis
  • Operating in London
  • Carlos Zatizabal
  • Operating in Bogotá


#LowTechLab London2016

#LowTechLab London2016


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International exhibition of contemporary art

25–28 January 2013

Bologna Exhibition Center

A “new ARTE FIERA” to further strengthen the national and international leadership of the largest Italian fair devoted to modern and contemporary art. A strategy that begins with the appointment of two new artistic directors for the exhibition, Italian art experts Giorgio Verzotti for contemporary art and Giorgio Verzotti for modern art.

ARTE FIERA 2013, International exhibition of contemporary art, will offer a complete panorama of artwork thanks to the presence of distinguished modern and contemporary art galleries and to the creation of even stronger synergy with Bologna and its cultural institutions.

ARTE FIERA 2013 Events

ARTE FIERA Conversations – The 2013 edition will host Arte Fiera Conversations, panels, talks and debates all gathering in two new frames. Talks of “In the Spotlight” will be focused on personalities speaking about their direct or professional art-related experience. Those of “Looking forward” will have the purpose to present peculiar patterns for artistic and cultural expression.

Italian Stories Exhibition – Curated by Laura Cherubini and Lea Mattarella
The exhibition features around eighty selected works by artists represented by the galleries participating in Arte Fiera 2013. It spans the twentieth century through the younger generations, concentrating not just on the most important characteristics of Italian art but also on the way in which our country’s culture has served as a stimulus and source of inspiration for artists outside Italy. It is a story in images of the way we are, the way we see ourselves and the way others see us.

A New Section: SOLO SHOW – Among the announced initiatives, supplementing the sections devoted to modern and contemporary art, is the new SOLO SHOW section for galleries that intend to present exhibits focusing exclusively on the works of a single artist. The artists who take part in this new ARTE FIERA initiative will be selected by the Artistic Committee from among the proposals submitted by exhibiting galleries.

Award Euromobil Under 30 – The seventh edition of the Euromobil Group Award is addressed to the under 30 Italian and foreign artists whose works are exhibited at Arte Fiera 2013. The Award will be assigned by a jury of experts and critics. The prize will be presented during Arte Fiera on Saturday, January 26th at 16.00 at the Euromobil Group Space “I luoghi dell’arte, i luoghi del design.” The winner will be invited to “interact” with the Collectons of Euromobil Group, main sponsor of Arte Fiera.

ART CITY Bologna 2013
Museums, exhibitions, events in town – ART CITY Bologna represents the programme of exhibitions and institutional initiatives proposed, on the occasion of Arte Fiera, through museums and public places in town. Giorgio De Chirico at the Archeological Museum, Marino Marini at the Archiginnasio Library, Bas Jan Ader at Villa delle Rose give you a small anticipation on the over twenty exhibitions that will be a further chance to discover Bologna.

Art White Night – Saturday January 26th, night will come alive and enlighten the Bologna city centre during the Arte Fiera’s White Night. An extraordinary event that will involve museums, exhibitions, art galleries and shops open to public until midnight and many other initiatives all over the town.

Opening times
Preview by invitation: Thursday 24 January, 12–9pm
Opening to visitors: Friday 25–Monday 28 January
Opening hours: Friday 25–Sunday 27 January, 11–7pm; Monday 28 January, 11–5pm

Daily ticket: 20.00 EUR
Pass for 4 days: 35.00 EUR
Sectors: Modern and contemporary art; publishing houses, bookstores, institutions;
Entrances: Costituzione Ovest entrance and Nord entrance

Organisation: Arte Fiera – BolognaFiere
Viale della Fiera, 20, 40127 Bologna, Italy
T 39 051 282 111 /

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Te pienso (I think of you) Combi Streams

Te pienso (I think of you) Combi Streams

Combinations for live streams “Te pienso” (I think of you) by Jessica Lasso, Live performance for Sunday Matinees Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Bogota Case Study for Streaming Media West, Los Angeles October 30-31.

Combi Streams: Mobile/laptop, live real time: Qik cast (Bogota) Syndicated Livestream (Amsterdam) parallel webcasting.

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Reflections observations of crossmedia from live stream

Reflections, observations of cross media from live stream

Using “Las huellas de Wuaneetunail” (The tracks of Wuaneetunail) performance real time animation by Yolanda Duarte for Sunday Matinees at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Bogota, as a case study for Streaming Media Europe, London October 15-17, via:

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NL Campaing Watch NL 2012 Bart Fokkens

Commentaar Bart Fokkens D66 Amsterdam West voor Hoeksteen NL campaing watch 2012.

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NL Verkiezingen 2012 Commentaar Hans Bakker

Commentaar Hans Bakker SP Verkiezingen Nederland 12 September 2012

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Commentaar, Brian Benjamin NL Verkiezingen 2012

Campaing Watch: Commentaar Brian Benjamin, ge´meenteraad Amsterdam VVD, NL Verkiezingen 2012.

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Jasper van Dijk (SP) bij de opening van de tentoonstelling van Raul Marroquin, door Rob Zwetsloot

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Caridad Botella ‘s Sunday Matinees Witzenhausen Gallery Amsterdam


sunday matinees ed. 06 @ witzenhausen gallery 2012.
a series of online&multimedia events hosted @ witzenhausen gallery amsterdam; curated by caridad botella
29 july from 3 p.m. till 6 p.m. (cet)

follow the event live on: (copy link and paste it on your browser)

follow us on: @ groups witzenhausen gallery ams/ny @witzenhauseng

participating (in order of appearance):

rod summers (1943) is a sound, visual, conceptual artist, photographer, performance poet, dramatist, mail artist and book artist, publisher, archivist, and lecturer on intermedia. born in dorset (u.k.), he is based in maastricht (nl).

raul marroquin (1948, bogota, co) lives in amsterdam, he is working with video since 1968, one of the pioneers of european video art. currently working with user technology, low-tech., online performace and livestreaming channels. he is the director of hoeksteen live television in amsterdam.

yolanda duarte is a venezuelan performance artist working and living in bogotá. her work is a reconstruction of diverse migrant cultures, those who preceded her and form her heritage. her work is a continuing tribute to the memory, the environment and the building of both.

alejandro ramirez, bogota (co). visual artist, filmmaker, and photographer with knowledge in cg (computer graphics). currently exploring and working with sensor technology, mobile devices, arduino and augmented reality.

emilio barriga (bogotá, 1977) is a visual artist interested in generating contents and reactions from still and moving images, sounds and original or imported ambiences. emilio grew influenced by the scope of arts to which he was exposed by his parents and grandparents in areas such as film, photography, literature, video, music, design and painting. in his teens he began to take photos and play in rock bands. this gives him the elements to decide studying social communication at the pontificia universidad javeriana of bogotá. there he begins his relationship with the production of video which blends the areas he is most passionate about: photography, music, narrative and aesthetics.

kai steamer, (bogota co)
visual artists and graphic designer, has been working on digital collage for several years, currently as a performance artist in second life, member of the contemporary art and performance simulator “odyssey”, also works with installations in both physical life and second life.

sunday matinees offers a multidisciplinary online platform for those -artist, writers, poets, journalists, filmmakers, etc- who would like to share their work through a livestream channel. the performances take place both at the gallery space or elsewhere in the world (mostly the latter). all the content is announced on social media platforms and is widely documented, forming an archive that comes together in blog with sunday matinees i want to make use of the world wide wed, user & low tech and live-streaming possibilities as a prolongation of the gallery space in order to bring together a varied number of projects from all over the world. the gallery space is important both physically and as online channel (especially witzenhausen gallery which has always been open to new forms of art and distribution). moreover, i want to communicate with an audience who is not physically at the gallery but who can spend a sunday afternoon with us, not only as onlooker but also as an active spectator who can communicate with us through the chat. this form of online programming and information sharing through the social media is the seed of future forms of television. with the term “matinee” i refer to the literal meaning of the term: a musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon.

witzenhausen gallery
hazenstraat 60
1016 sr amsterdam

for any additional information
please contact caridad botella at or


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EVS moves into news production



After dominating live and fast turnaround sports and latterly gaining ground in live/near live studio production, Belgium’s popular server systems vendorEVS has moved into the news production sector.
At IBC, EVS will unveil its new Breaking News toolset, based on its ingest and playout servers for newsroom operations. The company claims the infrastructure is “the first and only ingest and playout infrastructure on the market that can be used across production areas from news to sports, entertainment and other programs.”
The system will offer collaborative production tools for journalists and content management solutions, which is said to “easily integrate with any existing production infrastructure.”
Speaking to TVB Europe, the company’s new CEO Joop Janssen, who joins EVS from running the Vitec Group on 3 September said: “EVS is a phenomenal company with a fantastic, young team which has continued to grow the business since 1994. It has been helped this year by many sports events, but it has also had a lot of success in studio-based production, where there are still opportunities to grow.
“If you look at where EVS’ strengths are, apart from the pure technology, it is in adding a lot of value to content in a very short timeframe. In a matter of seconds in fact EVS systems can add so much more to content giving clients a lot of opportunities in production and archive.”
Also at IBC, EVS will showcase the evolution of itsXT3/XS production servers, featuring triple encoding capabilities. This means that system can simultaneously support I-frame codecs for live replays, Long GoP Sony HD XDCam 422 50Mbps codec for reduced bitrate media sharing, and Proxy media for augmented connectivity and control of the production operations. The new features will be available in early 2013.
Also likely to turn heads at IBC is the C-Cast technology, which allows viewers to use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to access extra content and view clips during a live stream. Several European broadcasters are eyeing it for second screen apps during soccer coverage.
C-Cast’s latest features will include the ability to replay clips at variable speeds as well as the ability to import third-party statistics and analysis information integrated into a timeline.
By Adrian Pennington

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